Filmed secret Mercedes-Stromer: When charging, the electric S-class surprises news

The Mercedes-Benz EQS is supposed to inherit the S-Class and pound Tesla from the range throne. How well this could work show recordings of the charging power of the Mercedes Stromer.

A few weeks ago, Mercedes presented the latest version of his legendary luxury sedan S-Class. The S-Class is available with hybrid drive and 100-kilometer electrical reach, but also a fully electric successor named EQS Will Daimler 2021 launched. The expectations of Daimler’s luxury current are gigantic. The EQS should not only inherit the S-Class, but also Tesla’s electrical luxury limousine Model S overtake. With a range of 700 kilometers, the EQs should drive around 90 kilometers further than the Tesla highest range and that with an output of almost 500 hp.

Electrical-benz followed by three countries with the camera

Mercedes is obviously already testing the EQS on public roads – in full tribute, but at least when charging at public charging stations along the highway. The German autoblogger Mark Kreuzer has a test group of three Mercedes EQs with the camera on the highway for three hours and then filmed the luxury streams on the quick loader while tanking.

"Shortly before the burner I met this tour group. Through Austria and Italy we drove completely column. That just happened. I didn’t put it on it", says cruiser in his YouTube video. Spontaneously, he then decided to follow the electro-ErlkOnigen to Stuttgart. "Of course they drive the typical electric car travel speed of 120 km/h", says BMW driver Kreuzer and sighs. "It will be difficult for me, but on behalf of science I do that for you."

"Since there is not much known about the EQS, of course I tried to be as attentive as possible and have summarized my impressions in a video", writes Kreuzer in a blog entry for his EQS view. "It became particularly exciting when the EQS models were bent to the quick adetition"

"If you have to load, I stand by the camera right next to it", promises cruiser at the beginning of the video. And indeed: the electric Benz drive to an EnBW quick charging station on the edge of the highway and cruiser films: The Daimler test drivers park, get out and connect the electric sedans to the fast loader. When they discover cruisers, one of the test drivers pulls his t-shirt uphill his stomach. "I mean if I had such a 6-pack, maybe I would be proud of it too. But whether you have to present it that way, well", writes cruiser.

Half in 26 minutes

The auto blogger observes the loading process of the EQs from a bank at the rest area.

"The test group is of course not super built that I probably have so much sitting here now", says cruiser. "Before you now appreciate a quick look in front of the charging station", says cruiser and promptly films the display of the charging stations. In around 26 minutes the Daimler loaded about 53 kWh of electricity and thus reached a charging level of 84 percent. Particularly exciting: Even with almost full battery, the EQS still loads around 118 kW. "That’s a good charging capacity. Most bend with 80 percent state-of-charge", says cruiser.

In his blog entry, Kreuzer draws from the values on the charging station in mathematical conclusions about the battery size and overall range of the EQ. According to Kreuzer’s calculations, the total capacity of the batteries is around 110 kW and thus at the level of Teslas Elektro-Limousine Model S.

In order for Daimler to reach the promised range of 700 kilometers with this battery, the EQS should only consume around 15 kWh of electricity per 100 kilometers. This is probably only possible at a sneaking pace-at motorway speeds, the EQs would have to undercut the best electrical sedans Model S and Model 3 by Tesla by around record-breaking 5 kW.

"Hope the EQs will be all the better for it"

"I guess now you no longer drive with 120 on the highway. If you are fully loaded, then I won’t come behind", says cruiser. Before leaving the rest area, he draws a conclusion.

"Exciting how long he kept the charging capacity", says cruiser. He also means having spotted a large horizontal 12-inch display in the cockpit of the EQ. On the outside, he particularly caught the eye of the frameless doors and the retractable door handles of the EQ.

In his blog he concludes: "It is not the first time that I met an ErlkOnig on my many trips. But that the ways of an ErlkOnig and the speed profiles overlap for so long was also a new experience for me." And adds on YouTube: "The new S-Class had disappointed me from a distance. Hope the EQs will be all the better for it."

Here you can see Kreuzer’s whole video about the EQS-ErlkOnigen.

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8 thoughts on “Filmed secret Mercedes-Stromer: When charging, the electric S-class surprises news”

  1. You have to…
    …E-cars don’t like, but with the Mercedes, momentum comes into the luxury class! Board, … Company bosses etc. Then have the opportunity to drive an electric car, which deserves the name luxury and quality! Anyone who drove a conventionally S-Class to this day would probably never have put a Tesla S in the parking lot. With the e-Mercedes there is an alternative, but again fewer customers for Tesla, as VW begins with the ID3, to pick up customers on a larger scale at Tesla. It’s good for the German economy when German customers buy German products!

  2. Everything just shit
    The main thing is that you provide information for the performance of over 400ps and then chug through the area with an output of 15 kWh to reach the 700 km brand. Then you can install a 25PS combustion engineer and protect the environment in manufacture and in the company. When will the government finally be banned by the government? Even the communists would have been ashamed to report such an obviously ideological and state-funded fraud as a success. Or there are no more politicians who are in the basic natural sciences?

  3. Mercedes VS Tesla
    Should some Tesla actually be the competition for the Mercedes medium/luxury class ? Probably not for the inclined Mercedes driver. They want to pick up the new car, want a workshop nearby and the appropriate quality in and around their car. With the radical changeover, German manufacturers will probably take their time, they are set up accordingly. Tesla can only "battery pack", whether that should be an advantage ????

  4. Mr. Sochgen!
    I can quote, " A brand new Tesla Model Y lost its panoramic roof while driving. A amazed passenger published a video of the unwanted convertible.An American was on a highway in California together with his parents in their brand new Tesla Model Y. Suddenly the inmates heard loud wind noises, as The Verge writes. The man initially thought that a window was open. But half a minute later the entire glass panorama roof of the Model Y flew away. It was only two hours earlier that his parents had picked up the new car from a Tesla dealer with her son. Already during the takeover, the newly baked Tesla owners noticed defects such as bad gaps and bumps. So the known problems!

  5. Oh Mr. Sochgen!
    Calm down, nobody will contest a possible Tesla S, at least potential customers of the new e-Mercedes, because you would not even appreciate a Tesla s! Guess where the Tesla S ends with the quality, Mercedes only starts!

  6. The EQs could be able,…
    To become a serious competitor to Tesla, even if the new model Tesla will be one step ahead again. With the EQS alone, Daimler will not survive. The EQC is only a niche model in any case. Where are the mid-range e cars for a broader buyer layer? If you believe in Daimler, that you have for a long time for the changeover? VW is already late. At the moment, however, this is the only German car company who is seriously trying to switch to e-mobility and will be able to save his business into the future.

  7. @Hutzler
    Mid -range? Tesla 2019 World WEATE 368000 cars, on the domestic US market, other manufacturers show what Americans understand by mid-range. From pickups like Ford F-150, RAM etc. were around 3mio in the USA. Sold vehicles, i.e. almost 9 times as much as Tesla dropped away worldwide!

  8. Model S Plaid
    "With a range of 700 kilometers, the EQs should drive around 90 kilometers further than the Tesla highest range and that with an output of almost 500 hp." Hi? Stay on the ball. The recently presented model S Plaid has 1100+ hp, 840km range and can already be ordered. It is questionable whether EQS or Model S Plaid are first delivered. At Mercedes you still compare yourself with the Model S from 2012?


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