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FINN electric car subscription in self-test - experiences-subscription


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FINN is committed to making driving as easy as buying shoes online. The company, founded in 2019, already offers an immediately available, flexible car subscription for the most well-known car brands, which includes everything except refueling/charging. In just 5 minutes it is possible for you to order your own Fiat 500 E, Tesla Model 3, or Polestar 2. For electric car news.Net I dared to self-attempt.

I was aware for the possibility of an electric car subscription. Buying the vehicles would also be possible. For me, however, no option, since I’m usually on the road without your own car in everyday life and put on my bike. However, my heavy knee surgery for this summer demands your tribute and thus contributes to the fact that I drive instead of cycling in winter reasonably to a “safe, protected” type of locomotion. In this case an e-auto subscription for the coming 12 months.

Fallen is the decision on Finn as a provider, as these regularly offer a wide variety of e-car models in the portfolio for subscribing. These can be specifically filtered via their platform. In addition to purely electric models, there are mainly combustion and diesel vehicles, as well as plug-in hybrids. Although I have to say clearly that only a pure Stromer came into question for me.

Of course, it was also clear to me that I would like to share my own experiences with the FINN electric car subscription with you and the other readers. Simply to help you with your decision when it comes time to buy, lease or subscribe to an electric car.

FINN e-car subscription: The better leasing alternative?

Buying e-vehicles in the current time is a consideration that needs to be well thought out. Because we are currently in the ramp-up phase of e-mobility, which seems to come up with advances at battery and model level every day. Leasing or subscription models give you the opportunity to remain flexible and thus switch to new, more advanced models in a timely manner. Without having to bear the risk of residual battery values, which cannot yet be assessed. But even without this ulterior motive, an electric car subscription makes sense and has advantages over the well-known leasing.

The FINN e-subscription differs from classic leasing in that the subscription fees also include insurance, vehicle tax, registration, GEZ, maintenance and wear and tear, main inspection, tires and depreciation. FINN delivers to your doorstep free of charge. If you don’t want to transport the car back yourself, you only have to pay 199 euros for the return. Here, too, leasing providers know very different prices.

In connection with a subscription for an electric car or plug-in hybrid, the question of the environmental bonus/purchase bonus and the innovation bonus naturally also arises. When leasing, you usually have to pay the premiums in advance in order to receive them back into your own account two to three months or even later. This is not the case with the FINN e-car subscription. With the subscription model, you receive a transparent rate before the actual conclusion, which no longer increases or decreases – but instead contains everything that can come up in connection with your own driving experience.

Furthermore, I personally see the advantage in the very short terms of the FINN subscriptions. In other words, as in my case, you can “bridge” a whole year with a car, but you can also simply subscribe to an e-car for a period of one to six months. Even if you don’t want to use it in the long term, it still offers a good opportunity to find out for yourself in everyday life whether e-mobility is something for you.

If this is not the case, FINN still has PHEV and combustion engines on offer. For both of them, it can at least be mentioned positively that the start-up compensates for the CO2 emissions produced by the car by supporting selected climate projects. And the burners are at least a little greener.

For this reason, we offset the entire CO2 emissions of our fleet based on the respective average vehicle consumption. For every kilogram of CO2 emitted, we pay a fixed amount to ClimatePartner. The proceeds from this benefit selected climate protection projects at home and abroad.


So if you have decided to try an e-car subscription from FINN, you can order your own electric vehicle in just 5 minutes. At least that’s the promise of the start-up. Provided you have the necessary documents at hand. I had that, as well as a stopwatch on my smartphone..

Try it yourself: Get your own electric car subscription from FINN in 5 minutes

Assuming that you are visiting FINN for the first time, clicking on Auto Subscriptions will take you to FINN. There you can use the “Fuel” filter to select purely electric vehicles. It really couldn’t be easier. Depending on the current availability of models, the selection is sometimes larger or smaller. At the time I took out my subscription, the BMW iX3 was available. Polestar 2, Hyundai Kona Elektro and the Tesla Model 3 were also on offer.

FINN electric car subscription in self-test - experiences-finn
Filter the models by electric cars

But I have to say that I wanted to have a little more “car” around me, especially for the colder seasons. In addition, I was allowed to drive all the other Stromers and with my choice I get the opportunity to test a completely new model over a longer period of time. Once the model has been selected, it goes quite quickly and we are in FINN’s 5-minute order window.

On the model page, it is necessary to make a color selection, if available, to select the desired contract period and inclusive kilometers per month, and then to press the “Next” button. Of course, you will also find further details on the technical data, equipment and features of the e-car on the model page. It is also mentioned there when the vehicle will be available. But you can already see that in the general overview of the available e-car subscriptions.

FINN electric car subscription in self-test - experiences-self-test
Model page of the BMW iX3 with options

Assuming that the “Continue” button has been pressed, the contact details must now be entered. Similar to ordering from other online marketplaces, where you just subscribe to a car at FINN and don’t buy new light bulbs or the like. However, the principle is the same. In the next screen, the payment data is entered, i.e. the bank details for the direct debit procedure. Followed by the selection of the delivery date – the final contract period is also based on this. Then the order is displayed again in full, checked by the customer, and then finally sent. Duration: Just over five minutes!

FINN electric car subscription in self-test - experiences-background-size auto elementor-77302 elementor element
Enter the necessary order data

To be fair, one has to say that the order time window of just 5 minutes can be fulfilled with this, as the self-experiment shows. But you haven’t quite reached the end. Because it will take a little longer until the subscribed e-car is with you. Because the credit check has to be completed, which in the case of FINN is carried out by Santander Consumer Leasing. Ultimately, these are also the ones who collect the subscription rates from their own account. As FINN informed me in mid-November, something has changed for the better here:

Since November, all accounts and the credit check have been processed directly by us and no longer by Santander. This has the advantage that no separate documents have to be uploaded and the order processing can be much faster.


Furthermore, you have to upload your driver’s license to FINN yourself (front and back) and, if necessary,. further data in their backend on FINN.add car. There you will also find your point of contact for all information about your e-car subscription. With all this information, FINN is now able to draw up your contract – if something is missing, you will be contacted via “small official channels” by email.

FINN electric car subscription in self-test - experiences-background-size auto elementor-77302 elementor element
Backend with details about my e-car subscribed to by FINN

Depending on the current demand from FINN or any queries – I have them because I subscribed via trade – the contract is sometimes sent more, sometimes less quickly. Before doing so, you need to use the PostIdent procedure to prove that you are actually the person who wants to take out the subscription. Shortly thereafter, the contract arrives digitally, which can also be signed digitally. Ready.

Here is also an insert about the changed process at FINN: “Querifications are no longer necessary because they are handled directly by us. Should due to young company u.etc. No credit check can be made, the car is subscribed to the private individual and the billing address is adapted to the company.This was deliberately put at the back in order to truthfully reflect my own experiences as they were at the time of my test.

E-car subscription at a glance – this is how it works in detail.

Below I have summarized my process from ordering the FINN electric car subscription to delivery of the BMW iX3 to my front door.

Wednesday 29.09.2021

Order an e-car subscription

Order the BMW iX3 subscription via the FINN portal.

Wednesday 29.09.2021

Wednesday 29.09.2021

reservation confirmation

FINN confirms the reservation of the BMW iX3 based on my order and forwards the application to Santander Consumer Leasing. Reference to the fact that the desired delivery date be complied with in 2021.

Wednesday 29.09.2021

Tuesday 05.10.2021

FINN needs more information

FINN sends an email because Santander Consumer Leasing needs more information. Rather a special case, since I have my e-car subscription through my “quite young” company completed.

Tuesday 05.10.2021

Thursday 14.10.2021

Feedback of last information to FINN

I was able to transmit the latest data to FINN, which Santander Consumer Leasing needs to create the contract.

Thursday 14.10.2021

Friday 15.10.2021

PostIdent procedure

The documents for the PostIdent procedure have arrived and will be returned by me on the same day.

Friday 15.10.2021

Monday 18.10.2021

Digital contract processing

Digital contract processing via Santander Consumer Leasing can be completed.

Monday 18.10.2021

Tuesday 19.10.2021

SEPA Direct Debit

Confirmation that the SEPA direct debit procedure has been successfully created.

Tuesday 19.10.2021

Saturday 23.10.2021

Additional driver registered

I registered my partner as an additional driver via the FINN backend. Upload driving license (front and back) required.

Saturday 23.10.2021

Monday 25.10.2021

Additional driver confirmed

FINN confirms registration of the additional driver as part of the BMW i3X subscription.

Monday 25.10.2021

Monday 22.11.2021

BMW iX3 delivery

The BMW iX3 from the FINN electric car subscription is delivered to me and received.

Monday 22.11.2021

Those who paid attention noticed that the desired delivery date 05.11.2021 the 22nd.11.has become 2021. One reason is that FINN still needed information from my side in order to complete the e-car subscription. There is also something like the semiconductor crisis, which also contributes to the delay in e-car production. All in all, this delay is manageable. I would only have wished that FINN would have been just as active in providing information about the delay as was the case with previous points. Here I was only given an active request on my part (on 03.11.2021) informed that the delivery will be delayed.

To be fair, however, it must also be noted that FINN reacts to criticism and notes and signals that processes are already being worked on to communicate delivery delays more quickly.

BMW iX3 drives up & a first conclusion

With the ancestor of the BMW iX3, the first phase of the FINN e-car subscription self-experiment ends. It can already be stated that the approach of taking out a subscription for a car online is convincing. In itself not rocket science and, thanks to good guidance on the part of FINN, also easy to handle for those who are not so Internet-savvy. For the subscription itself I especially like that regardless of the drive, Finn ensures that the vehicles are CO2-neutral on the road (compensation).

FINN electric car subscription in self-test - experiences-subscription
First charging stop on the day after delivery with the BMW IX3

On model level, I find the focus on the most important details useful as one can lose as a driver otherwise quickly. Selection of color, inclusive kilometer as well as duration – it does not need to get the order on the way. And then it just means waiting until in my case the stromer has arrived. In the next article on the Finn E-Auto subscription, we consider the BMW IX3 a little more detailed and still go to the delivery process.

Together with Finn is electric car to test their electro car subscription for a year in self-experimentation. We look at all phases of the E-Auto subscription from the first contact with Finn, about the delivery, ride and pickup at the end of the term. Answer your questions and respond to criticism. A discounted subscription is made available to our portal for the test, but this has no effect on our honest opinion written here.

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  1. I can (probably from Wednesday, April 1.12.) have a say, because then our e-car will be delivered by Finn, an Aiways U5.
    All in all, I can confirm that the process has been pretty good and smooth so far, I hope it will continue like this. Wednesday would actually be the date we wanted from the start, which is almost a small miracle in the current times of disrupted supply chains.

  2. interesting that I can’t find Tesla, Aiways or BEVs from BWM…

    despite filter “fuel electric”

    do you have a different version of the website? ?

    Even if I select BMW directly, I can no longer select Electric..


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