Fire brigade cannot delete electric BMW-only the lake burial remains

BMW i3

Fire brigade cannot delete burning electric BMW – only the immersion bath remains

Fire brigade cannot delete electric BMW-only the lake burial remains-bmw-only
Volunteer fire brigade Alpen A burning electric BMW is immersed in a container filled with water

Again a burning electric car has ensured a spectacular fire service. Because the service BMW of a mayor in North Rhine-Westphalia could not be extinguished, the fire brigade had to put it in a diving bathroom.

Electric car fires mean a bigger problem for the fire brigade than with gasoline vehicles, because battery fires can hardly be extinguished. The only way out will then remain a container filled with water.The most recent incident occurred in mid-April in Alps (North Rhine-Westphalia). "RP online" reports: "Mayor Thomas Ahls, driven by an electric motor, kept the volunteer fire brigade in Alps in suspense in the morning. It was only around noon that the danger was banned after a very spectacular commitment to the town hall. The car, which is no longer operated, swims in a container on the municipality’s building yard on BOnninghardt."

Again and again explosions in the battery

The Alps volunteer fire brigade had their hands full. In the operational report you can read: "In the course of use, there was repeated explosive reactions of the battery, which made an enlargement of the danger area necessary. As a result, the neighboring discounter including the parking lot was cleared by the police, the site was cordoned off and controlled houses in the direct area." The Duisburg fire brigade finally had to move up with a crane car so that the smoking BMW could be dipped in a container filled with water. There the Stromer had to cool down for 72 hours – and the fire brigade regularly one "Fire guard" carry out.

Fire brigade cannot delete electric BMW-only the lake burial remains-fire
Volunteer fire brigade Alpen Burning BMW i3

Politics chokes the security discussion for parking garages

The fire problem with electric cars should grow strongly in the future, but this is not necessarily justified by the increasing number of vehicles. Because experts appreciate the risk of fires in the event. However, the much greater effort when deleting is problematic From enormous water consumption to the necessary equipment including crane and container, while a normal car can be deleted much faster and can then be easily removed without the risk of new inflammation. Insurance experts from the Alliance point out that the fire risk always correlates with age and therefore there would be no meaningful data in the still young electric cars. Therefore, they assume that the risk will adapt to that of hybrids and petrol or diesel cars over time.A few months ago, two cities in southern Germany have banned entry for electric cars in underground garages. The main headlines made the preliminary ban in the city of Kulmbach. Politicians, including the city’s CSU parliamentary group, then put pressure on the block. Safety concerns are not a reason for entry bans, since experts would have found that there are no increased risks compared to other vehicle fires.

"I’m afraid for my life": Brand new Tesla simply goes out while driving

Fire brigade cannot delete electric BMW-only the lake burial remains-cannot

Site "I’m afraid for my life": Brand new Tesla simply goes out while driving

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13 thoughts on “Fire brigade cannot delete electric BMW-only the lake burial remains”

  1. TG parking ban for electric cars in Kulmbach lifted!
    On Mon this week the city of Kulmbach has the Parking ban pronounced for electric cars … in two urban underground car parks. The official reason was mentioned that the corresponding equipment for deleting electric cars could be obtained: extinguishing ceilings & a telescopic loader. The OB says that the ban was intended from the start & only as a temporary measure. Well, I & all of Germany understood him differently, but what the hell. The current result is the only sensible. Hope, also the combustion lovers here in the forum that the "Kulmbur mayor" WG. alleged principles have violated the not deletion of e-cars and would have preferred to see the whole galaxy, one thing is better taught.

  2. Wow…
    …The expert for e-questions needs 80l fuel for a trip from Hamburg to Munich. 791km route, the Lord probably drives something rustic, with over 10l consumption. The inclined business traveler drives z.B. BMW 520D 190PS, standard consumption 4.3l, at 130km/h maybe 5l. Then make 39.55l diesel or. updated daily € 49.43. For this you get € 0.35/kWh at Teslacharger 141.25kWh. Tesla3 SR+ capacity 53kWh+ 18% loading loss = 62.54 kWh × 0.35 € = € 21.88 €. According to the test, a Tesla3 SR+ comes at 130km/h 200km. Then make € 10.94 or. 86.57 € for the 791km from Hamburg to Munich. Diesel approx. 50 €, no fuel stop, except pink…And coffee break is driven relaxed, while the Tesla invites three times and more expensive. Yes, mathematics is that simple, easier than polemics without facts!

  3. @Bird
    If the loading losses are 18%, the calculated 9.54 kWh would have to be 18% of the original 62.54 kWh. But they are not! You use the wrong 100% basis. This seems too complex for some calculator virtuosos, despite multiple explanation.

  4. Arguments?
    Do not help with this topic as well as with the ban on the garage of the moving battery. With many the mind has a break and the ideology wins the upper hand. Seis drum, from me, all mayors in Germany can drive around with something like that or watch it burned out, I do not do that in this form

  5. Facts:
    The fire brigade was employed all morning to get the fire under control. The brand was evacuated in a large scale. The fire could only be stopped after diving into a water container. With subsequent three -day fire guard. By the way: the transport of e-cars z.B. Transfer by ship is extremely expensive and is classified as a genetic material. So expensive that z.B. Tesla the X and S only build together in NL, the batteries are delivered in a dangerous goods – container. It is better not to think of a fire on a car ferry at all.

  6. Not just cars
    The solar roofs are also a considerable risk of the fire. Instead of deleting and maintaining the substance, there is no choice but to burn a house. Total damage, as with the mayor’s car. I’m curious to see how the fully comprehensive prices develop in the vehicles. This risk will probably be excluded in the conditions soon.

  7. Great feeling
    To drive through the area in an explosive cart. The fully comprehensive insurance for electric cars can soon no longer be paid by such incidents. The best way to get rid of combustion engines want to abolish the green snaps, so that we drive purely electrically, although like a luxury model shows that it is not nearly mature.

  8. "Explosive cart"
    … are v.A. Combustion cars. They burn more easily & more often, as the insurance industry confirms. “Grunschnabel” do not want to abolish burners overnight, but z.B. by 2030 or 2035. This is enough preliminary run to end the madness that consists of consuming 80 l fuel on a trip to Munich to Munich, of which 16 are for driving & 64 for global warming.

  9. but that too…..
    …and then the speedster from the mayor. They can be happy that he was not in a garage. Whereby you can read everywhere that all of this is just a panic…..and basically overreact. Then we wait until the first underground car park or parking garage flares…..

  10. What do the fire brigades say?
    What known opponents of e-mobility are saying about e-car brandies in the forum is interesting, but irrelevant. Relevant & very interesting is how z.B. The AG of the head of the professional fire brigades & the German Fire Brigade Association E-Auto-Fires: “From certified electric vehicles, largely comparable dangers assume, as from vehicles with other drive types (fuel, gas). Fire tests have also shown that the fire performance [MW] is comparable under vehicles of a generation and size regardless of the type of drive. The built -in fire loads (u. A. Plastic components) In today’s vehicles, the decisive factor for increasingly higher smoke and heat-freeing in vehicle fires are.“Sounds less dramatic. Business as usual.

  11. @Herr Herbert KOpnick
    Again I have to smile: In the absence of their own arguments, they quote very often. A small quote according to § 51 UrhG is permitted, but only if the source is clearly stated in accordance with Section 63 UrhG. So they are continuously punishable according to the UrhG, can be expensive. Thanks for the reference to FBFHB-024, where you can read how complex and time-consuming it is to delete an electric car.

  12. Forgotten danger
    Please do not forget the quantities of lithium and heavy metals reaching in the kilogram to the hundredweight area, which are released in the event of a fire and contaminate the surroundings. In my opinion, that has been far too little in consciousness. And if you see firefighters in the immediate vicinity of burning battery cars without full protection, you can assume that they are not fully informed.

  13. Here again the pro and
    Contra. For me is a fact. Everything that benefits the environment should be approved when it is actually about the environment. It has often been discussed whether the battery, hydrogen or alternative are used completely environmentally friendly fuels. If it is actually about the environment, this should not play a role. Regardless of whether it is efficient or not, the main thing is that the environment is useful. But z.B. The pro battery cars are about enforcing their only true and best technology, while the combustion faction is concerned with its benefices and wallets. This is not about the environment, but about who best enforces his own interests for your own good.


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