Fire brigades warn of electric car fires: extreme water consumption

Car manufacturer in criticism

Warning fire brigades: Fires at electric cars are hard to extinguish

Fire brigades warn of electric car fires: extreme water consumption-fire
imago images / perspective Vehicle fire (symbol image)

According to the first data, the fire risk of electric vehicles is not greater than with petrol engines. But the extinguishing effort is enormous and fire brigades often feel badly prepared. The federal government says succinctly: That is a problem of fire brigades.

More and more electric cars and hybrid vehicles are rolling on German roads. The German Fire Brigade Association demands more support from the auto industry in dealing with fires of electric cars. "The manufacturers have so far not been sufficiently justified their responsibility for electric cars and the associated risks after a fire event", said Peter Bachmeier, chairman of the specialist committee of preventive fire and danger protection of the German fire brigades, the "mirror".

Electric car fire: 10.000 instead of 500 liters of water necessary

The fire risk of an electric car is not higher than with a petrol engine, the expert continues. Deleting a burning battery is often more complicated and lengthy. "A normal car is deleted in a quarter of an hour and needs 500 liters of water," Bachmeier told the news magazine. «With the e-car, however, the fire brigade is often busy for two to three hours and needs 10.000 liters of water.»

Fire brigades warn of electric car fires: extreme water consumption-fires
Brandweer Midden-en West-Brabant, Faceboo Fire risk of electric cars: Dutch firefighters sink a plug-in hybrid from BMW in a water-filled container. Even if the batteries do not go up in flames after the crash, there is a risk of self -inflammation

In addition, electric vehicles after a fire after a fire 72 hours must be observed – To rule out that the battery catches fire again. That could not be the task of the fire brigades, said Bachmeier. Instead, the manufacturers are asked: In the event of a fire, they should send specialists, as is common in the chemical industry, and later remove the vehicle.

Federal government wants "Improve data collection"

The Federal Government wants to literally keep the topic of fire protection on e-cars on a small flame because it has virtually prescribed emobility and has it promoted with billions in tax money-Berlin fears an image damage for the technology that is supposedly superior to the gasoline and diesel in all points. A request from the FDP parliamentary group on the subject of the site shows the helplessness of politics. In its response to the FDP Group, the Federal Government says that "currently no higher fire hazard potential than with vehicles with a conventional combustion engine" exist. According to the current status, this affects the risk of a fire as a whole, but not the fire fighting. Both technologies are "Technically and in terms of fire protection and similar to the avoidance of fires", the federal government still claims.

Battery beaches produce highly toxic gases

At best, this statement is irritating, because again and again firefighters indicate the enormous demand for fire water for burning electric cars, as the current speeches of the specialist committee of preventive fire and danger protection shows.

E-car torches: Now the driver owes the manufacturer 10.000 euros

Fire brigades warn of electric car fires: extreme water consumption-fires

Site E-car torches: Now the driver owes the manufacturer 10.000 euros

Another risk is the release of highly toxic river acid. The RBB recently reported on the technical and training requirements as well as special risks that exist in the case of fires of batteries, solar systems or electric cars for the rescue workers. "This is life -threatening for the firefighters. The contact with the skin, even through normal protective clothing, can trigger breathing arrest if the concentration is too high", For example, the RBB to the river acid risk.

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Federal government does not feel responsible

In its response to the FDP request. Instead, one points out that the training of fire and rescue workers "the responsibility of the states, municipalities and municipalities " lounger. The building authorities of the federal states are responsible for fire protection in underground garages. It continues: "According to the Federal Government, the statistical foundations should be fired (u.A. Cause, impact, vehicle technology are further improved." How and in what framework this data collection should be carried out, but Berlin does not provide any information on this.

E-cars with 1 million kilometer battery: Expert warns of China’s lead

Fire brigades warn of electric car fires: extreme water consumption-electric

Site E-cars with 1 million kilometer battery: Expert warns of China’s lead

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12 thoughts on “Fire brigades warn of electric car fires: extreme water consumption”

  1. Obviously it doesn’t work without polemics
    Sentences like "for the exposure to the petrol engine and diesel in all points … Sentences like "for the technology that is supposedly superior to the petrol engine and diesel in all points" expose this article, like so many others, via e-mobility as unreasonable. Nobody (except maybe a few fan boys) said that this new technology does everything better than the old one. However, it is necessary and suitable to meet the goals of the Paris climate agreement! E-cars do not burn more (and soon no longer at all) than a petrol engine or diesel, their fire load is lower and the type of extinguishing is just different. All of this has long been confirmed by the associations of fire brigades and insurance companies. The fire brigade must also learn and change. None of us are entitled to life -long acquisitions, especially not in times of crisis.

  2. surprise ?
    Not really. Well known from me is at the fire brigade. When asked what they do with the battery fire: "Keep your distance and cool the best possible" They have no containers…. If the battery mobile would not be so extremely political, completely different measures would apply here….So you are at least 1 eye blind to at least 1 eye…..

  3. The problem described in the article..
    is that electric cars are more complex to extinguish, as a combustion engine that apparently not yet sufficiently equipped and are not responsible for the fire aftercare. Apparently nobody cares because most commentators do not comment on this and just want to react their fear of e-cars. But that is unfounded. As the statistics and the view of the environmental sins of the oil industry show, the electric car fires are not the problem, but the extraction and transport of the crude oil for the combustion fuel and (as the climate development shows) The emissions by burning fossil energy and thus also through combustion vehicles. That is why electric cars are indispensable, even who your batteries are (currently) flammable.

  4. and
    After the fire, there are even more than half a ton of highly toxic chemical chrott, or a little less, yes after how much was swimmed directly into the ground when deleted!!! Environmental protection as I like it!!!

  5. This e-scrap
    This electric scrap not only destroys valuable minerals and rare earths but also needs thousands of liters of water in the event of a fire. Beautiful green world, but nothing to the end thought. Not clear this association.

  6. E vehicle fires can hardly be deleted
    Let’s let 100 million electric vehicles drive on the streets and then we calculate how often a petrol engine burns or an electric car. I wrote this 5 years ago that such vehicles are no longer allowed to park in the future in order to be invited. Which car insurance would like to compensate for millions of damage if this increases increased? Let’s wait, from 2030 you can compare enough reliable fire with one another with one another. Anyone who compares petrol engine with electrical (fires) must be an official

  7. The first sentence disinformation?
    Media have often reported about it, sometimes bad. But quote: "According to the first data, the fire risk of electric vehicles is not greater than with petrol engines.", can no longer be written today, that is dubious and that also indicates a manuscript. I now advise that the editor -in -chief? The intern would have z.B. written: "Statistically, e-cars are far less common than petrol engines and diesel. In the classic car, 90 vehicle fires per billion kilometers are considered normal per billion kilometers. According to statistics from the American motorway fire brigade, Tesla only comes two fires per billion kilometers. Another investigation from 2018 does not put the burning electricity in relation to the kilometers driven, but to the number of cars as a whole".

  8. solutions
    There is now nothing to rush against what we have now achieved to make road traffic cleaner. You could almost think that every electric car would burn sooner or later. It would now be important to find solutions! If water is not the right one to delete, then maybe. other things. Restaurant kitchens are not forbidden because you cannot extinguish fat with water. There are special options with foam. And solutions can also be available for burning e-cars! No, instead something is sought again to make them bad.

  9. @Andreas Kalle
    Your opinion in honor but where are your specific suggestions for fire fighting? There are countless opinions, most of them are unrealistic. You don’t move anything with wishful thinking and dreaming!

  10. The electric car is a wrong way to politics …
    Citation: "Warning fire brigades: Fires at electric cars are hard to extinguish" Fire is also a real problem with the houses insulated with styrofoam – but you can see it (just like the electric car) because it is politically wanted … And as far as the electric car is concerned: fire is not the only problem-there is a lack of raw materials, probably also in electricity, plus the disproportionate weight of the vehicles and the insane acceleration as well as the question of disposal (because an electric car produces far more hazard than a combustion engine) …

  11. Interesting, think it will be expensive
    The topic is already screaming after a reaction of the car partial comprehensive and fire. for real estate. I am waiting for the first contractual exclusion clauses for parking in TG, garages (own/rented) or parking garages. Detached from this, it will be used for fire from electric cars in concrete buildings such as Z.B. TG or parking garages due to the continuing heat development in addition to the subsequent possible damage to the building statics, especially in the TG, garages or parking garages no chance, there is a water contemician in addition to the sinking of the burning car. Look.

  12. Will not give any problems…
    Eautos actually burn very rarely. There are statistics. An intermediate entry ban for electrical and hybrid vehicles for an underground car park of the city of Kulmbach has been lifted again. Even a car picture reports differently: The overall association of German insurers (GDV) makes it clear that the view of the damage statistics does not support the fear of the electric drive.


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