Fire department demands more support for e-auto fires

Fire department demands more support for e-auto fires-e-auto

With the increasing distribution of electric cars, the probability rises that they are involved in accidents. Fires of the traction battery from electric cars are already widely addressed in the mass media today because sometimes they can accept spectacular proportions and can also break out unexpectedly or late. Furthermore, the German Fire Brigade Association has now been reported to speak, which feels stuck in fires of electric cars from the carshares.

The manufacturers should send their specialists to the fire department association’s manufacturers during fires of electric cars. Peter Bachmeier, Chairman of the Technical Committee Preventive fire and danger protection of the German fire brigades, expressed themselves as follows: “The manufacturers will meet their responsibility for electric cars and the associated risks after a brigh event so far not sufficient.”.

Bachmeier also deliberately stresses the fact that the risk of fire is not higher in an electric car than in a gasoline. However, the actual deletion of an electric car is more complicated than a burner. Because the deletion of a burning battery is often complicated and lengthy. “A normal car is deleted in a quarter of an hour and needs 500 liters of water,” says Bachmeier. “At the E-car, however, the fire department is often busy two to three hours and needs 10.000 liters of water.”

In addition, it is so that e-vehicles should be observed after the actual fire for up to 72 hours – to rule out that the battery starts again fire. From the point of view of Bachmeier this could not be the task of the fire department. Here are the car manufacturers rather asked. According to Bachmeier, these should send specialists, as usual in the chemical industry, and transport the vehicle later. Supplier ZF has already adopted the topic and training firefighters accordingly.

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  1. Time for a change in VW – Oh no, nobody is allowed to read about the Gazetten here in Germany in Germany &# 128521;

  2. Basically you are stupied Since a large container with plenty of water in which the electric car is lowered and then it remains several days in it – a simple principle.

    My idea Would be a ramp for the container and a winch whose rope would have a kind of anchor, which is hooked in the burning electric car and led with 2 rolls over the container. Thus, the burning E-car could quickly pull the ramp up and into the water.


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