Fire disaster: Interior Minister suspects Elektro-Bus as the cause

Millions of damage in Stuttgart

Fire disaster: Interior Minister suspects Elektro-Bus as the cause

Fire disaster: Interior Minister suspects Elektro-Bus as the cause-minister
Marijan Murat/dpa/archive Burned buses are in a Stuttgart bus depot.

Baden-Wurttemberg Interior Minister Thomas Strobl assumes that a defective e-bus triggered the fire in Stuttgart. The investigation is still running. Expert demand more fire protection- even with electric cars in garages, regardless of the case.

In the state parliament in Baden-Wurttemberg, Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) shared the first findings on the large band in a Stuttgart bus depot. So the fire has "According to the current state of knowledge" The SWR quotes the interior minister at an e-bus. One goes from one "technical defect" out of. However, the investigation into the cause of the fire is still ongoing. 20 buses were destroyed at the major fire in an SSB bus depot in Stuttgart a week ago.The flame inferno in the Kessel in Stuttgart was already the third major fire in a bus depot this year:

  • In April, a bus depot of the Rheinbahn in Dusseldorf burned. 38 vehicles were destroyed.
  • In June it hit a hall of the ustra in Hanover. Here eight buses became a robbery of the flames. The charging infrastructure for the e-buses in the hall had also been destroyed in the fire.

Brand series in German bus depots

In all fires, electrical or hybrid buses were also parked in the depot in addition to normal diesel buses. This made it difficult to extinguish the deletion because of the great heat and intensity of battery fires. A connection between the current and the cause of the fire has been suspected, but has not yet been proven. At the request of Site, a Rheinbahn spokeswoman shared with: "The experts of the insurance companies – like the report of the Dusseldorf public prosecutor – came to the conclusion that the fire had a technical cause, but could no longer be clearly determined due to the sustainable fire progress and the enormous degree of destruction." The ustra says on request: "The cause of the fire is not yet known to us." The Hanover public prosecutor told Site that the investigation had not yet been completed. The accumulation of bus depot fires is at least unusual.

E-car torches: Now the driver owes the manufacturer 10.000 euros

Fire disaster: Interior Minister suspects Elektro-Bus as the cause-fire

Site E-car torches: Now the driver owes the manufacturer 10.000 euros

Expert cunning fire protection

Regardless of the cause of the fire of the current depot fires, burning e-vehicles will present the fire brigades due to the enormous extinguishing water requirement for battery fires and the day-long risk of the recovering of supposedly deleted batteries. With the very fast growing number of electric cars in Germany, these problems will probably increase.

Fire disaster: Interior Minister suspects Elektro-Bus as the cause-elektro-bus
Cattle man Electric car: Sufficient charging stations are required for Stromer – also in underground garages

"Underground garages can then be ready for demolition"

The Federal Association of publicly appointed and sworn and qualified experts BVS therefore warns in a current press release to optimize fire protection when loading e-cars in underground garages: "When charging an electric car, large amounts of electricity flow that can trigger fires in technical malfunctions. The fire of an electric car is a challenge: the heat development is enormous and large amounts of water are necessary for extinguishing. Underground garages in which such a fire occurs can be ready for demolition afterwards. The risk of fire is also increased when installing outdoors. For example, if the wall box is installed on a non -fire -resistant, insulated house facade, the facade insulation can also catch fire in the event of a fire during the charging process and the whole building caught fire", So the BVS.

You load an electric car? Inform insurance!

While fire protection issues in public buildings are usually already in the planning "thoughtful" it looks different with private garages. Quasi, regardless of the safety of the in -house line network, can charge an electric car at home or in a rented garage – even without a wall box. "In any case, your own building insurance is to be informed about the project", So the expert association. As early as 2020, a spokeswoman for Allianz insurance confirmed this in an interview with site: "Basically, one has to say that each electrical system increases the fire risk. It is therefore important that the customer indicates the existence – or the existence of new insurance – the system." Anyone who fails his insurance company that he loads e-cars at home could get problems in the event of damage.

New sales record at Porsche: Taycan outperforms Tesla Model S and X

Fire disaster: Interior Minister suspects Elektro-Bus as the cause-elektro-bus

Site New sales record at Porsche: Taycan outperforms Tesla Model S and X

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  1. The building insurance companies become more expensive ….
    Quote at the beginning: Accordingly, the fire has "According to the current state of knowledge" started at an e-bus, … the SWR quotes the interior minister. Quote end. The e-disciples were questioned again. I had already described it, dendrites, branch -shaped structures within the battery worried for a short circuit and subsequently for the battery fire. Within seconds. It is a material property from the lithium. The ripcord belongs until a safe memory or completely different drive is available. The battery is a highly dangerous dead end. What else has to burn how many people are still damaged? The e-disciples try to relativize, disasters argue against each other. Any disaster must be avoided. Creating new causes is irresponsible.

  2. Certainly not just that….
    Building insurance. The drivers of e-cars will probably also have to specify this in the case of life insurance and or accident insurance.

  3. You do not say such things
    This is not in line with the line …. e mobile does not burn more often …. no greater risk ….. Do not understand that …. By the way, there is no charging station or an emobile in my house

  4. My speech
    An electric car fire is far more dangerous than a conventional fire. Slowly that seems to arrive in politics. In my opinion, e-cars with flammable Li batteries in parking garages, underground garages and private garages, as they are built today, and are not loaded near buildings in terms of fire protection. It turns out more and more that the current e-car technology has not come out about the beta stage. However, since only this one horse is put on this one and politics is extremely difficult to admit mistakes, we will probably still experience some fire disasters, especially with large batteries. Also in the old electric car battery that are installed as a power station in houses or battery arms.

  5. The fears
    About job losses through the production change of combustion on electric vehicles are unfounded. Although an electric car needs fewer production steps, the increased vehicle fires need more replacement vehicles. So win-win, everything will be fine.

  6. Question how do building insurance premiums see
    for the owners of this pseudo climate-friendly e-cart in the future. The insurers do not calculate like the old parties politicians with funds from the taxpayer. There are no tax subsidies here, but insurance mathematical premiums according to the risk of damage. In other words, the same as an exorbitant high insurance bonus. Or does politics want to put an insurance solos on the eye for e-carts for the combustion driver. Nothing is impossible in the merciful Germany of the old parties.

  7. So catch !
    After all, you are now so far that you are at least considering this option and not completely ignored or dead. One will not be able to avoid this discussion in the future. The stupid comparison Ala: burners burn as often, you can confidently paint out. How many bus deposits are the torched in front of the battery wave ? You can also wait until the next incident, actually only a matter of time….. From the cars, scooters and bicycles where the battery "fire shit" has become, you don’t even need to start here !


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