Fire risk: drivers of this electric car have to park with a safety distance of 15 meters

Billions of damage by recall

Fire risk: drivers of this electric car have to park with a safety distance of 15 meters

Fire risk: drivers of this electric car have to park with a safety distance of 15 meters-electric
Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Services In the United States in September 2021, a Chevrolet fire electric car started again. The manufacturer called the model back several times, but apparently does not get the fire problem under control

Since General Motors have repeatedly burned down electric cars after a call back, it is becoming more and more bizarre for the drivers: they should not load the cars into garages and now have to keep three wagon lengths from other cars when parking.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information-number electric cars and plug-in hybrids have been recalled in the past few months due to the risk of fire . One of the most blatant examples is the former flagship electric car from General Motors, the Chevrolet Bolt: Because even after a recall of all vehicles, three electricity again after technical defects on the e-system or the charger, the vehicle owners were not instructed, their cars were not relyed on To park more in garages.

Electric car: Parking in garage becomes a risk

In the US state of Georgia, a Bolt driver did not stick to it-the result: The car burned down and garage, the fire brigade had trouble preventing the battery fire from spreading to the neighboring house. In the meantime, 10 fire cases are already known that General Motors has officially admitted; The US transport security authority, on the other hand, assumes at least 13 cases.

E-car torches: Now the driver owes the manufacturer 10.000 euros

Fire risk: drivers of this electric car have to park with a safety distance of 15 meters-drivers

Site E-car torches: Now the driver owes the manufacturer 10.000 euros

As the Bloomberg news agency reports, GM now speaks a particularly blatant warning to its Bolt customers: they should not only avoid garages, but also keep a minimum distance of 15 meters – around three wagon lengths – to other cars. In addition, they should not load their cars because the battery could ignite it more easily, and also not unload the battery below a level of 100 kilometers of residual range. For the ambitious electric plans of the GM group, this is a real image disaster.

Opel Ampera-e also affected

The Opel Ampera-e is also affected by the recall of the Bolt, a sister model of the US Stromer. However, it was only sold in Europe in small quantities. General Motors now wants to get the cost of the call back of the car, around one billion US dollars, the manufacturer of the batteries now wants to get back from LG Chem.

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Fire risk: drivers of this electric car have to park with a safety distance of 15 meters-this

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15 thoughts on “Fire risk: drivers of this electric car have to park with a safety distance of 15 meters”

  1. Subsequent C02 tax
    If the e-cart torches correctly, the owner should have a claim-causing CO2 tax … Afford. The fire duration should also be included as a calculation factor. Minus a flat rate of 50%because normal cars are also burning. Then the burned out or melted asphalt must also be added. Since the batteries burn out extremely hot, tunnel accidents are all the more dangerous, so an e-car driver, which causes gross negligence, should do a month of social service in a fire sacrifice station in such cases. E-mobile does not burn more often, but hotter and longer, the car insurers have long since on the screen. An entry ban in parking garages and underground garages is to be welcomed

  2. And why doesn’t the KBA react here?
    There are real brand series (Site reported in detail). There are also 4 burned -up bus depots, in 2021 alone! In Eisenberg a battery has exploded, 3 injuries, one life -threatening. Always dangerous battery burns. How much post bus have burned down? KBA does not react. Munich shows responsibility, some cities follow up. USA reacts, German authorities are sitting out. The federal government considers the countries responsible and vice versa. I just experienced it myself. Nobody is responsible. Until a great misfortune happens, many people get harmed. It really has to come first? Is only a matter of time. The subsidies and funding as well as tax exemption should be stopped. With each fire, the environment is loaded in large quantities with highly toxic substances.

  3. Hope the insurance companies react
    Accordingly, the premiums adapt to the risk. At the moment we all pay for the green world saviors, subsidies, taxes, insurance. The polluters should pay, for the environmental damage as a result of the fire, for the use of streets, for the infrastructure to be created, for the additional equipment of the fire brigades. Those who want it can afford it.

  4. Difficult
    A friend drives an Opel Ampera….in Berlin. That with the 15 meters distance when parking will be very, very funny there. Maybe the next recommendation will be to pull away from Berlin.

  5. Difficult
    There is certainly enough space for parking on the Chancellery or on the grounds of the Greens, so you can see what you are. Want to impose consumers (immature cars, constantly increasing electricity price and much more).

  6. The CO² balance sheet
    Like environmentally friendly, an euto is over 100 over 100.000 and 200.000 km including. Raw material extraction, production, disposal and recycling? What if a burner now has a better balance sheet? At the latest after an exchange of batteries, the Eauto is less worth less than the new battery, i.e. no longer economically and is then already disposed of, whereby a combustion engine can continue for many years! The green people don’t think so far?

  7. The CO² balance sheet
    Well, the raw material extraction does not take place in Germany anyway and the disposal is certainly not and so the greenery can have a clear conscience, especially in the Berlin Reichstag building. Sarcasm end.

  8. That’s just the beginning!
    The more eutos are on the road, the more fingers catch fire! 3 lengths from other cars? How does that work? First of all you will not find such a place in cities and if it does, the gap must then be cordoned off that no one else parks there? That’s how it is with the idealism! Rapid something over the world to save the world quickly, but then wipe out the world with immature people!

  9. China as a role model
    How nice that China can also be a role model for Germany (and not vice versa). I have seen the huge bicycle columns in Beijing and other cities there. Yes, also cargo bikes. However, the bike has now almost disappeared and the (environmentally friendly) car (again) discovered (again). Wrong world – or?

  10. How about the CO2 balance ?
    Do not produce burning cars ? Fun aside maybe the Greens should think of their demands more complex, as far as the politician is possible. At birth, the electric car already has the CO2 balance of a burner after 100,000 km. The disposal has not been clarified because they have not been running for so long. The fire brigade has no simple solutions to extinguish the fires. Not every village fire brigade is high tech. We run into the next catastrophe. But we like to push that into the shoes of the following generation, which is now blinded.

  11. Why do only certain cars show this error?
    Here apples are compared with pears. There are clearly manufacturing errors here. Yes. GM wants to make the battery manufacturer responsible. The basic problem, the risk of fire, is known. The hydrogen drive is still neglected because of the insufficient supply. Here, however, there are interest groups in the background to work. However, stricter quality assurance makes these problems really manageable. The combustion engine is a fossil from the past.

  12. Which make has not yet burned?
    Please note the interlinking of the corporations. I don’t think of any. Plus the bicycles, scooters etc. The problem is battery technology, not the manufacturer. In this type of battery, dendrites form due to technology, they spontaneously trigger a short circuit, as a result of the battery beach. Dendrites cannot be discussed away, this is a property of the battery. Belong together.

  13. Burning cars
    Yes, combustion vehicles also burn. The reason is very often not how many think the fuel but errors in electrics/electronics. Combined, especially when it comes to diesel vehicles, can be deleted very easily. Diesel on the street does not burn at first. In principle, is just as fire -threatening as salad oil. A burner usually begins to burn while moving. It looks different with the electric car. They also start to burn during the store, so when they are unattended. The fire, especially if it affects the battery, is aggressive and much hotter than with a conventional vehicle. He also can be deleted when the batteries burn hardly. So the outgoing danger is much higher. Regardless of the frequent

  14. 5 % electrical vehicle,
    Yes also burning cars. Only there are significantly more breeders Aitos than R Cars.In Germany are approx. 5 % of all vehicles, and I cannot remember that an entire model series was called back due to the risk.

  15. Dear Marcus Kugel …
    I find your considerations interesting. Something irony, but it hits the matter very well. If the red -red -green dream dancers rule us, nobody works anymore and the governing others have to "Fool" search. Maybe we have to "fall on the nose" To be able to get up again on your own!


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