First e-SUV coupe from VW: Advance sales of the ID.5 started

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First e-SUV coupe from VW: Advance sales of the ID.5 started-coupe

Advance sales for Volkswagen’s first e-SUV coupe, the ID.5, has officially started. The new MEB model (modular e-construction kit) is now available in Germany at a starting price of 46.515 euros available. In addition to the coupe roof line and rear wing, the ID.5 has a modern interior and new infotainment and assistance systems. The ID.5 is fully networked and can receive over-the-air updates. Here it can be configured.

At the start of advance sales, the ID.5 Pro and the ID.5 Pro Performance with 174 hp or 204 hp, and the all-wheel drive ID.5 GTX with 299 hp available. You can find extensive information here in our already published article. All IDs.5 engines use a large, long-distance battery that can store 77 kWh of energy (net). Its central installation position under the passenger cell ensures a low center of gravity and balanced axle load distribution. With it, the ID.5 Pro and the ID.5 Pro Performance can achieve a range of up to 520 km according to WLTP and be recharged with a maximum charging power of up to 135 kW – thanks above all to the new 3.0.

The ID.Charge 5 models with up to 11 kW of power. On the way, the ID.5 models as part of VW’s own “We Charge” charging program Europe-wide access to a large charging network including the entire Ionity fast charging network. With the maximum DC charging capacity, the battery can be charged at fast charging stations in around 30 minutes with energy for the next 390 km for the ID.5, or 320 km for the ID.5 GTX (WLTP) store. The all-wheel drive top model ID.According to VW, the 5 GTX has a range of up to 490 km (WLTP). Thanks to the peak charging power of up to 150 kW, the GTX model can even charge enough energy for 100 km in just 6 minutes at fast charging stations. Despite the coupe-like shape, the ID.5 in the rear only 12 mm less headroom than the Volkswagen ID.4. The long wheelbase of 2.766 mm allows space in the interior as in an SUV from higher vehicle classes. The trunk volume is up to 549 liters. According to Volkswagen, the materials and workmanship are “on a premium level”.

First production model with new 3.0

The lean offer structure should make it easier to order the ID.5 easy to do. Customers first determine the engine and the look of the vehicle, followed by a choice of packages. You can choose between optional design, infotainment, assistance, comfort and sports packages, each of which is available in a basic and a plus version. “Our elegant e-SUV coupe already offers the customer the new ID. software 3.0. In concrete terms, this means: Improved charging performance and voice control ensure a high level of user convenience,” says Klaus Zellmer, Member of the Volkswagen Brand Board of Management, Sales, Marketing and After Sales divisions. With over-the-air updates, the ID.5 up to date for a long time. The extensive driver assistance systems with new functions are combined in the optionally available “Travel Assist with swarm data”. The interaction of the ACC and Lane Assist assistance systems, together with navigation data and data from the cloud that other vehicles have transmitted (swarm data), increases driving comfort. The local hazard warning with Car2X technology is on board as standard. Parking will also be even more convenient in the future thanks to Park Assist Plus with memory function (optional). “Our first all-electric SUV coupe offers locally CO2-neutral mobility and sporty performance for a discerning clientele. We want to make Volkswagen the most desirable volume brand for sustainable mobility. The ID.5 is an important milestone and a big step on our way to zero,” continues Zellmer.

The ID.5 expands the ID.-family in Europe with another model alongside the ID.3 and the ID.4. With this, Volkswagen want to accelerate its electric offensive as part of the Accelerate strategy. By 2030, at least 70 percent of Volkswagen sales in Europe should be purely electric cars. And by 2030, CO2 emissions per vehicle are expected to fall by up to 40 percent. On its “Way to Zero”, the company wants to become climate-neutral by 2050 at the latest. ID.5 and ID.5 GTX are manufactured at the Volkswagen plant in Zwickau and, according to VW, are handed over to their customers with a CO2-neutral balance. If they are then charged with 100 percent green electricity, they are already climate-neutral, according to the company.

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4 thoughts on “First e-SUV coupe from VW: Advance sales of the ID.5 started”

  1. It’s good that VW is going on. It’s a pity, however, what kind of dinosaurs are still produced at VW. Personally, I don’t like the e-models of the ID series at all. The ID5 also fails me completely. The proportions are wrong. VW and good design just seem to be mutually exclusive. I just skimmed through the article, so I’m not commenting on it. VW’s are taboo for me anyway.

  2. Why still buy Model y? Same range, who needs more than 6.3s acceleration and if I put everything in the configurator for the ID5 gtx that is standard for the MY, I have almost the same price on top

    sports seats, HUD with augmented reality, 20″ tires, better ACC, better lane changes, bidirectional charging, led matrix, sun blind, better suspension, quieter car, better turning circle, ambient lighting, larger service network, intermediate destinations in the navigation system

    . Ok no frunk, but I only need it twice a year on vacation.

  3. VW announces another electric car with the ID 5 advance sale, although the delivery times are unknown or. tend towards uncertain to infinity. I ordered an Audi Q4 50 etron in July. Delivery currently undetermined. Hope the new cars
    not built now, then waiting for the missing parts in stock, then installed in cars that were already produced six months ago and eventually delivered as “new cars”.

  4. Above (back no place)
    Below for the feet no place
    And from China ,,,, or yet nciht???
    Why should man think so, buy something like that ..


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