First Tesla Model Y rolled off the assembly line in China

First Tesla Model Y rolled off the assembly line in China-model

A few weeks earlier than previously planned, the electric car industry leader Tesla from the USA is said to have started production of the mid-size crossover Model Y in its Chinese plant in Shanghai. A drone video shot at the factory in mid-December shows a good three dozen Model Ys, some of which are hidden under covers. Elon Musk commented on Twitter that he wanted to travel to Shanghai in early January. Apparently on the occasion of the start of deliveries, it is said.

Tesla registered the Model Y with the Chinese Ministry of Industry back in November and received sales approval. Shortly thereafter, there were first indications of the start of pre-series production. The whole thing happened again in record time – as is usual for Tesla’s projects in China: It was only in January that Tesla announced that it wanted to expand the Gigafactory Shanghai with a new part of the factory with an assembly line for the Model Y. Construction work began after a few weeks, in the middle of the first wave of the corona pandemic. Now, barely a year later, the first models are already rolling off the assembly line, it looks like.

Tesla plans to produce a total of more than half a million electric cars in the Giga Shanghai in 2021. 300.000 Model 3 in the first part of the factory completed in 2019 and 250.000 of the Model Y, which is based on the same platform as the mid-size sedan, in the new plant section. Some of the Model Ys made in China are to be exported. Gigafactory Shanghai’s production target of 550.000 vehicles would massively increase Tesla’s production capacity. For comparison: In 2019, Tesla produced just over 365 in all plants worldwide.000 pieces, in 2020 it should be around 450.000 to 500.000 models will be.

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2 thoughts on “First Tesla Model Y rolled off the assembly line in China”

  1. Cool, we’ll see him soon. Increasing the towing capacity to 2T would be the icing on the cake. That Tesla is not waiting for the approval of green heaths was well.

  2. We have pre-ordered our Model Y in March 2020 and are already very hot on it.
    So far, the trailer coupling with 1600kg trailer load is released if there is a little more we have to clear out of the caravan.
    Probably improves with the new 46 / 80s cells yes also the range and charging time.
    We are very curious


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