First test drive with the tesla model y: is the pioneer still

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Tesla Model Y

Suddenly not alone anymore

Tesla’s Model Y is coming to Europe – and already has some competitors in its segment. A first test.

This role is unusual for Tesla: because the new Model Y is not the first mid-range SUV with a pure electric drive. For the first time, the Tesla is not the founder of this segment and therefore the car against which all others have to measure itself from the start – but has to compete with competitors such as the ID.4 from VW and its sister models Skoda Enyaq and Audi Q4 e -tron or more expensive models such as the Mercedes EQC or the BMW iX3.

Despite changing market conditions, at least in Europe, Tesla remains true to itself with the Model Y – at first glance, the new SUV fits into the Californian manufacturer’s model family. The almost completely closed front and the flat rear are particularly striking – with which the Model Y should almost be described as an SUV coupe. Both abnormalities point to one of the most important strengths of the Tesla models: the aerodynamics. The drag coefficient (cW) is used here as a key figure; the lower it is, the more aerodynamically shaped a car is.

The Model Y has a drag coefficient of 0.23. For comparison: A VW ID.3 has a drag coefficient of 0.28. This ensures lower consumption and thus a longer range – especially where you need a long range: on the motorway.

The sharp increase in consumption observed in many electric cars at speeds of more than 100 km/h is far less drastic in the Model Y.

For the first test, the electric SUV had to prove itself to a certain extent in everyday sales; Dates in Stuttgart and Munich were on the calendar. Despite many kilometers on German autobahns, the on-board computer showed an average of 17.9 kWh/100 km after a week and almost 1000 kilometers. With a fully charged battery (75 kWh), a distance of 419 kilometers would be possible – although in everyday life you never fully charge the car or drive it completely empty.

This is very impressive, because the Stromer was never moved in crawling gear. On the Autobahn, the speed – where permitted and possible – was mostly 130 to 180 km/h! At Swiss motorway speeds, consumption finally drops to around 15 kWh/100 km, and 13 kWh/100 km are also possible on overland journeys – which corresponds to a theoretical range of 577 km.

First test drive with the Tesla Model Y: Is the pioneer still-model

Charging break: 15 to 30 minutes break is enough.

The routes from Aarau to Stuttgart or from Munich to Aarau would therefore be possible with one battery charge – but the forward-looking e-car driver would rather arrive with a half-full than with an almost empty battery – for which a stop of 15 to 30 minutes at the Tesla Supercharger is sufficient. However, the maximum charging power of 250 kW is only maintained for a short time when the charge level is low, and the speed decreases continuously. Nevertheless, the Model Y ultimately does not load more slowly than the competition – the low consumption helps here too.

The in-house network of fast charging stations is another important point, which is why Tesla continues to be at the forefront with the Model Y despite stronger competition.

More than 6100 charging points are available at more than 600 locations in Europe – so you can really get anywhere. The Ionity charging network, a joint project by the VW Group, Daimler AG, BMW Group, Ford and Hyundai, currently has 377 stations – which can also be used with a Tesla.

This gives you much more flexibility when charging over long distances. In addition, the route planning in the Model Y, including charging stops, works perfectly and precisely. In short: When it comes to trouble-free travel with an electric car, the Model Y is also the benchmark in its class.

Tight, but handy and quiet

Apart from range and charging, the Californian scores with lots of space and a generous sense of space – the glass roof is standard – on all seats. The trunk holds 600 liters – or even 1900 with the rear seat folded down. Unfortunately, there is no blind to protect the luggage compartment from outside looks – but there is a large recess under the luggage compartment floor and 80 liters of storage space under the front hood.

First test drive with the Tesla Model Y: Is the pioneer still-test

Typical Tesla: minimalist cockpit.

The cockpit is dominated by the central 15-inch touchscreen – the only display and control unit in the car. You get used to it quickly, especially since the touchscreen is clearly laid out and reacts quickly.

The very direct steering also reacts quickly, which, together with the firm chassis, makes the SUV look manageable. Especially at city speed, there is a lack of suspension comfort. Thanks to the double glazing on the front side windows, however, it remains pleasantly quiet in the car – almost nothing can be heard from the powerful and agile drive anyway.

Measured against what is on offer, the basic price of 62,000 francs is also very fair.

Tesla Model Y Long Range

Motor: 2× E-machine

Power: 345 hp

Drive: auto 1 speed, 4×4

L×W×H: 4751×1921×1624mm

trunk: 600-2100L

Weight: 2003 kg

0-100km/h: 5.0 sec.

Vmax: 217km/h

Range WLTP: 507 km

Price: from 62,000 francs

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