First Ultium E-car of Honda is called Prologue and comes 2024

First Ultium E-car of Honda is called Prologue and comes 2024-ultium

The first electric car from Honda, which builds on the Ultium platform of cooperation partner General Motors, should name prologue and go to the end of 2024. The Japanese automaker now officially shared with. The Elektro-SUV is considered a starting signal for the project of Honda, in the USA from the year 2040 only pure electric cars for sale. The long-term goal: worldwide climate neutrality by 2050.

More detailed details on the new vehicle will gradually publish the manufacturer in the coming months. In addition to Honda itself, his premium offshoot Acura wants to introduce a fully electric SUV in 2024, which confirms rumors of a few months ago. The Acura Elektro-SUV should also be on the mobile pedestal of General Motors. In the production of new E models, General Motors also plays a significant role in the strategic partnership, which was announced in early 2020: The Honda Prologue is expected to be from 2023 in the Mexican Ramos Arizpe, the Acura Stromer from 2024 in Spring Hill in the US State of Tennessee run from the band – both are works by GM.

Honda also plans to launch a completely own, new series of e-auto models from the second half of the decade, which is based on the new E: architecture that developed Honda itself. Previously, it is already planned to equip current core models with hybrid systems to reduce the CO2 emissions of the new car fleet without pure E cars.

“The name Prologue points to the role that the vehicle will play on our way to the emission-free future,” said Dave Gardner, Executive Vice President of America Honda. Gardner promises that the prologue for customers a battery-electric SUV representing that “excellent functionality and packaging” in themselves, which they are used to from Honda.

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  1. Honda on GM platform.
    Funny actually Honda is known to make everything self.
    A new sign that it is always for various manufacturers.
    The staff reviews on are a catastrophe.
    In the motorcycle market Honda has lost significantly and just as the image is far behind BMW KTM and Yamaha.
    Market share automobile in Germany 0.2 percent.
    With Stihl and Husqvarna you can not measure yourself in the garden anymore.
    Successes look different.


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