Fisker promises two more electric cars from 2025

Fisker promises two more electric cars from 2025-promises

Fisker CEO Henrik Fisker has announced that the next two models, to be launched after the Fisker Ocean and Fisker Pear, will be developed in the UK by the new Fisker Magic Works team, headed up by the former Aston Martin employee David King is headed. The start-up is thus promising further models before the start of series production of the first e-car.

It is planned that four different vehicle lines will be available by 2025. They want to come up with radical ideas on the global car market. Fisker has now given a little more detail on positioning in the market. It is planned that the Fisker Ocean and Fisker Pear should be considered and implemented for the mainstream, at entry-level prices of less than 30.000 US dollars. The two following models should be significantly more expensive.

“They’re very different – they’re going to be in a segment that I’d say maybe one exists a little bit, but it’s going to be a variation of that and the other doesn’t exist at all. We’re dealing with a very extreme vehicle, so one will be over 100.000 dollars (73.500 euros) cost and the other below. Both will be serious production vehicles and not handcrafted small series – they will still be serious production vehicles, but of course not as large in volume as the Ocean and the Pear,” Henrik Fisker told Auto Express.

Fisker has struck a manufacturing deal with Magna, which will produce the Ocean at its massive plant in Graz, Austria, while Taiwanese tech giant Foxconn will make the smaller Pear model at a plant in the US.

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