Flight car takes off: Slovaks start the first successful intercity flight-car

Slovak developers have a milestone in the development of flying cars. On Monday the prototype of a flight car completed a test flight. The Slovak company Klein Vision’s aircraft flew from Nitra to Bratislava, an approximately 75 km route. The flight lasted around 35 minutes. So it was the first time that a car has made an intercity flight.

Car becomes a plane in just a few minutes

The so -called "Aircar" is a hybrid from car and plane. The car takes two minutes and 15 seconds to turn into a small plane. It is equipped with a BWM petrol engine, a propeller and fold-out wings. The vehicle should be able to reach a speed of up to 170 kilometers per hour.

Experts doubt approval

The flight car was developed by the Slovak engineer and Klein Vision CEO Stefan Klein and the co-founder Anton Zajac. Zajac explained in a press release: "The Aircar is not just a concept confirmation. It has made science fiction a reality." But many experts see this skeptically and doubt the approval of the "Aircar" for road traffic in the near future.

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2 thoughts on “Flight car takes off: Slovaks start the first successful intercity flight-car”

  1. no! Not the first time
    What’s supposed to have a "Aircraft" be? A Boeing 747 can also drive on the highway. the … The first aircraft were also no bigger than cars. What should the definition of flight car be. The size? The performance? Every airplane with wheels is both a plane and automobile.

  2. İn near
    future?? Not even in the middle -less future. You also need a flight and pilot licenses to the driver’s license. The car/flight unit then also costs a wealth! Who should buy something like that and use in the medium to distant future? That will remain imaginations forever!


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