For the 40th time: Essen Motor Show – The crazy ones are coming


Essen Motor Show – The crazy ones are coming

For the 40th time: Essen Motor Show - The crazy ones are coming-time


Men, girls and engines – one of the most popular car shows in Germany can be achieved with such simple means. Every year 400,000 people make the pilgrimage to the Essen Motor Show, this year for the 40th time. Just. With a guaranteed relaxed relationship with the car.

D.he times when car tuning was ridiculed and dismissed as a fringe group activity are long gone. In the meantime, car refinement has become a serious economic factor. With growth rates that the auto industry can only dream of at the moment. In Essen, the car refiners and their customers will meet for the 40th time (until December 8th) for the world’s largest tuning show. While previously adventurous "coiffed" Engines and rims welded around in the backyard caused panic attacks for every TuV inspector, the industry today largely relies on serious offers with the necessary reports. "Especially in Germany we have experienced an incredible development from extreme craft tuning to a professional tuning industry", says Hans-Jorg Koninger, Managing Director of the Association of German Automobile Tuners (VDAT).

According to the VDAT, the industry turned over EUR 4.6 billion in this country last year. Around half of this was generated through exports. Ten years earlier, sales were almost a billion euros less – tuning is booming. In terms of growth rates and sales figures, however, you should consider that every customer who has a set of aluminum rims screwed onto their car has just done the same. The same applies to attaching tinted window films. Of course, there are also more profound changes, such as performance increases or chassis modifications.

Is a relatively young trend "Eco-tuning", in which the focus is not on increasing performance, but rather on reducing fuel consumption. "80 percent of customers are now interested in torque improvements", explained Bodo Buschmann, VDAT President and head of the Brabus luxury smithy, in the run-up to the fair. Because in this way high speeds can be avoided, which leads to fuel savings. In addition to the new trends, the increasing acceptance of car customization across society is also a reason for the tuning boom. "The clientele has changed significantly for some time. Whereas in the past it was predominantly ‘youthful machos’, today all ages and genders tune", says Koeninger.

The organizers are expecting around 400,000 visitors to the Essen Motor Show this year, making it the most popular motor show in Germany after the Frankfurt IAA. In 18 halls, 560 exhibitors show everything from polished door knobs to rims in all variations to extreme complete conversions, everything that can be summarized under the term tuning. What began many years ago in dark garages and backyards, mostly beyond legality, has now become a mass phenomenon.

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