Ford: Already before 2030 in Europe only electric?

Ford: Already before 2030 in Europe only electric?-ford

The aim of the American automotive manufacturer Ford to offer only electrically powered vehicles until 2030, could be achieved earlier. At least in Europe, this seems quite possible. Stuart Rowley, CEO of Ford Europe, gave to understand: “It is quite possible that we move forward faster. Every time we look at the data, we accelerate our prognosis.”

The statement he made him the framework of an online conference of the Financial Times last week Thursday. This is supported on the provident, increasing demand for pure electric cars in Europe. The sales of battery electrical vehicles made 5.7 percent of all new registrations in the first quarter, the data of the industry association ACEA.
It is expected that the number of e-auto sales in the region will exceed the brand of one million for the first time this year. Strong driven by promotions and incentives of manufacturers and politics.

Ford currently launches its first pure electric car, Mustang Mach-E, in Europe, and will introduce a second electromodium based on the MEB platform of the Volkswagen Group in 2023. Ford also considers bringing a second model on MEB base on the street. Insider reports are shortly before. Ford has announced that all cars sold in Europe will be equipped to mid-2026 with battery or plug-in hybrid drives. Whether Ford moves in front of 2030 on full-electric vehicles, depends on the model range, so Rowley.

“There will be segments that will not be fully electric [until 2030], but maybe we will not be represented in these segments,” said Ford CEO on the online conference. Ford leaves its traditional segments to focus more on SUVs, and announced at the beginning of the year to finish the production of the mid-range family Mondeo until 2022. You will sharpen the orientation of the brand.

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  1. So far I sign by Ford only announcements. This is in my opinion a brand that is obsolete. As formerly synonymous with Opel, there is a Legacy US mother upstream.This makes the transformation sluggish. And also the cooperation with VW is unhappy. The solution in Aachen would be so close.


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