Ford and Rivian stop joint e-car plans, but remain partners

Ford and Rivian stop joint e-car plans, but remain partners-rivian

Ford and Rivian have put their plans to develop an electric car together on hold. However, Ford will retain its shares in the up-and-coming electric car startup. The US manufacturer has invested the equivalent of a good one billion euros in Rivian since 2019. Ford CEO Jim Farley cited the “growing confidence” in the automaker’s own ability to “emerge as a winner in the EV space” as one of several arguments in favor of ending the collaboration.

“If you compare us today to when we originally made this investment, so much has changed,” Farley said. Ford is now more certain about what to do when it comes to e-cars and now wants to develop its own e-vehicles. In a statement sent by e-mail, Ford shared with Rivian to respect as a partner and only agreed after extensive exploratory discussions, “pursue no joint vehicle development or platform release”.

Farley also cited the complexity that would be required to combine another company’s electric vehicle architecture with Ford’s own software as a reason for not co-developing the vehicle. “We have slightly different business models,” said the Ford CEO.

In contrast to Ford, Rivian has less of a focus on the mass market, but is initially focusing on particularly powerful and off-road SUVs and pick-ups. Rivian also develops and builds electric transporters according to the specifications of the shipping giant Amazon. Rivian also wants to gain a foothold in Europe in the near future.

The Startup Rivian, which, by the way, can have a significantly higher stock market value as Ford, confirmed the end of the common plans: “Since Ford has scaled his own e-auto strategy and increased demand for Rivian vehicles, we have decided by mutual agreement to focus on our own projects “. However, the relationship with Ford “remains an important part of our journey, and Ford remains an investor and ally on our collective journey to an electrified future,” the company said in an email statement.

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  1. Reproducible. You had partnered to minimize the risk. Neither of them need that anymore. On the other hand, it is said that good parts of the Rivian delivery truck chassis were made with the help of Ford. It cannot be ruled out that they will supply axles or steering, for example.


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