Ford Bronco Sport in the first test

Driving report Ford Bronco Sport

The anti-tesla: In the USA everyone wants this off-roader

Ford Bronco Sport in the first test-ford
Press Inform Ford Bronco Sport

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The new Ford Bronco is gigantic on its home market USA. The new edition of the off-road classic has endless waiting times. But it also works tamer and more suitable for family: with the sister model Ford Bronco Sport. First test.

No, quite as sharp as the real off-road expert Bronco does not drive one of the mandatory four-door Bronco Sport in front of the lens. But the 4.39 -meter -long SUV is not a bumper frame, but a real off -road vehicle, which is also very popular, thanks to the large ground clearance, the mandatory all -wheel drive and rear axle lock, which is also very popular. He can convince not only in everyday life, but also off paved slopes. And without a stylish electric drive – the down -to -earth counter -design to the Tesla Model Y, so to speak,.

Ford Bronco would also be good in Europe

Such a car is missing Ford in Europe; In the USA, thanks to the Bronco couple, it is available as a double lottery. The two-liter top model in particular can be browned up in the rustic badland version with off-road details, so that even the mighty jeep wrangler customers can be leaked. And for all those who want to go to the hard terrain, there is still the real Ford Bronco- optionally as a two- or four-seater.

Ford Bronco Sport in the first test-ford
Press Inform Ford Bronco Sport

While the Ford Bronco is offered with a 2.3-liter four-cylinder turbo (270 hp) and a 310 hp V6-Ecoboost, the Bronco Sport takes it on. The Badlands top model is equipped significantly better than the pale 1.5-liter turbo with 180 hp from narrow three cylinders, the two liters of whose four-cylinder turbo is lively 180 kW / 245 hp. So it goes from the stand in less than ten seconds to 100 km/h and the US tires alone brake the all-wheel drive at 180 km/h-otherwise there would be more than 200 km/h in it. His real consumption: 9.8 liters of super fuel per 100 kilometers.

The four -cylinder whispered thinly

The sound of the Ecoboost engine is anything but normal in the driving programs ECO and normally than you want a US off-roader, so thinly whisper the row four-cylinder, which is mandatory to an eight-speed automatic, in almost every speed range. The 376 Nm maximum torque on 3000 tours are always lush enough to be able to speed up at any time at any time at a low or medium speed at the appropriate speed.

Ford Bronco Sport in the first test-ford
Press Inform Ford Bronco Sport

Nevertheless, you want the 2.7 liter V6 of the Bronco faster than expected. In the sports program, the four -cylinder blows artificially acoustically supported and powerful, but it remains with four combustion chambers.

With the family fourer, Ford offers an affordable mass model, because the 1.7 -ton Bronco Sport starts in the basic version at cheap 27.$ 415, while the top version of Badland with better equipment and lived off-road ambitions at least 34.$ 090 costs. There are LED headlights, sound system, various USB connections, automatic climate automatic climate control, various driving programs and cameras all around that not only make life much easier in the field.

Oko-Jeep shows hybrid crystalism-he can still be off-road

Ford Bronco Sport in the first test-bronco

Site Oko-Jeep shows hybrid crystalism-he can still be off-road

The driver assistance systems work very confidently and on the US highways, the Ford copilot system relieves the driver with a distance of almost $ 900 as an extended distance of the distance with lanes than many European competitors. Even the Badlands is traveling as standard on less impressive 17-inch; If desired, there is an impressive 29-inch AT tire for use or on the promenade. They look great – but make the balanced chassis vote faster than you should be.

Conditionally comfortable on the long distance

The heated leather seats look with the inserted Bronco class, but could be more convenient, because they lack the adjustment area, side stop and leg edition equally. This is noticeable on longer distances and here one or the other competitor simply offers more comfort level. It looks the same in the rear and there is not even a comfortably warm seat heating for cold days here.

Ford Bronco Sport in the first test-bronco
Press Inform Ford Bronco Sport

The lavishly dimensioned loading room shines with a glass pane to be opened separately, but does not offer the long-established electrical tailgate operation, which makes the invitation and unloading practical. This must not happen in this league and the generous loading compartment with a volume of 832 liters is not wrong, which can be exposed to up to 1716 liters by folding down the rear seats. There are more than enough shelves inside – at second glance even under the rear seat or in the back of the front chairs.

Bad: Electrical tailging is missing

It is also unusual that the overly young Ford Bronco Sport does not offer completely animated instruments, because the digital 2.5-inch open space behind the wheel is fenced by two analog round clocks. There is also an eight -inch central screen in the middle of the dashboard, through which not only the route guidance and music choice can be seen, but also all functions can be controlled.

Ford Bronco Sport in the first test-bronco
Press Inform Greetings from the BMW combin

The operation fits, however, could be easier via the steering wheel and the voice operation itself is a complete disappointment. All that remains to stop and to implement the target input by touch function. In the United States for years usus – not even in the endlessly long surcharge in Europe: Ford Bronco Sport also not only offers keyless access, but also a remote start function by radio key. The Americans like to use this when it is very hot in summer to cool the car down or in the cold season to warm it up.

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Ford Bronco Sport in the first test-bronco

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  1. For America
    This model was not built for Germany. The Americans want and get them … cars. We should buy e-cars. The big German manufacturers are already celebrating. Finally you can dispose of regular staff without resistance from politics or union. The combustion engines are sold further worldwide and produced cheaper elsewhere. Probably our politicians also believe that Herbert Diess has become a climate protector.

  2. Of course from me too,
    again great advertising for Tesla with a combustion engineer! Tesla in the heading! The editors do not notice how wrong?

  3. With this type
    From comment, man sees that nothing has been understood. Reason = 0% climate protection = 0% prologue = 100% simply irresponsible!

  4. You can walk on foot
    and switch off your digital media. That would really save something in CO2. An SUV could drive more for that.

  5. why not ?
    Well, it doesn’t fit in the German automotive mining stream. I definitely like it. Sometimes not an optical porridge of the other SUV scene. Maybe he will make it to Europe ? And whether you need so much horsepower or not, there are probably different engines, or ? And: with what PS numbers "shine" The e-cars ?

  6. 9.8 liters of real consumption
    For a sports SUV. A class that is missing it means. I think that this car is simply reprehensible in view of the climate crisis, which is difficult to reserve. When do the editors understand that? When do such reports stop that are a mockery for all people who are environmentally aware? Today Mr. Habeck announced how far we are from our climate goals. And there we allow sports SUVs with 9.8 liters of real consumption in this world?

  7. Mr. Wieland
    And what do you suggest what we can do to prohibit such cars as a sports SUV with 9.8 liters of real consumption in the world? Your instructions to the Site editors no longer report about it does not change anything about it. Not to report on things would end the division of society, but the problems remain

  8. ISSS Klaaaa
    At 4.39 meters in length you need a V6 with 310 hp. Now I slowly understand why more and more people switch to cargo bike.

  9. Which report read ?
    It’s about the Bronco Sport. There will be 1.5 liters of three -cylinder and 2.0 four -cylinder with Max. 245 hp offered.


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