Ford builds center for battery research in Romulus

Ford builds center for battery research in Romulus-romulus

Ford has chosen the Detroer suburb Romulus as a home to his new global battery center Ford Ion Park. With the establishment, Ford wants to accelerate his research and development for battery and battery cell technology – including the future battery production. The city of Romulus is located in the southwest of Detroit city center and is known as the location of Detroit Wayne County Airport, the city’s international airport.

“The new laboratory will help Ford to accelerate the battery development process to deliver more powerful and affordable batteries. The Ford Ion Park is part of the commitment of Ford to make Michigan to a heart of his focus on electric cars, “said Anand Sankaran, Director of Ford Ion Park. The Ford Ion Park, where the automaker invests 185 million US dollars (about 156 million euros), refers to the manufacturer as a new collaborative learning laboratory. The institution should be opened in the coming year.

Already in 2010, Ford committed himself to his home Michigan to his competence center for electric cars, and chose the location Romulus in terms of simple cooperation and accelerated technology exchange with other locations in the immediate vicinity. The brand new, fully electric pick-up Ford F-150 Lightning approximately is mounted near Romulus in the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, the location of Ford’s main work for more than 100 years.

“Ford’s investment in the battery research and development in Romulus will create hundreds of well-paid jobs, attract innovative talents to Michigan and help us to continue to be a leader in advanced mobility and manufacturing worldwide,” said Michigans Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Ford is a current message according to an existing 270.000 square meters of construction for its purposes. Good 200 engineers should pilot new manufacturing techniques in the future, and the battery technology from the raw material extraction to recycling and reuse of materials in view.

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  1. Already in 2010 committed Ford to make his home Michigan to his competence center for electric cars, and chose the location Romulus ..

    And then sleep for 11 years or why is Ford so far back in electric cars?


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