Ford builds new factory hall for the pure electric pick-up F-150

Ford builds new factory hall for the pure electric pick-up F-150-factory

The US automaker Ford has begun the construction of a new hall, the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, in which the fully electric pick-up F-150 is to be mounted from mid 2022. The new factory hall in the famous Rouge Center in Dearborn will create 300 new jobs after its completion. It is part of an investment of $ 700 million in the construction of the brand new F-150 series, including the first F-150 hybrid. In the new hall of the famous Ford plant, which consists of more than 90 buildings, the battery assembly and production of the F-150 hybrid and the fully electric F-150 should take place.

“We are proud to build here in the rouge with the debut of our brand new F-150 and the construction of a modern new manufacturing center for the assembly of the first full-electric F-150 for the future and develop innovation. This year’s Covid-19 crisis made it clear why it is so important for companies such as Ford to contribute to our production base in the US stays strong and our country goes back to work.”- Bill Ford, CEO of Ford Motor Company.

The F series, since 1948 (!) in production and after the Toyota Corolla and before the VWS Golf and Beetle the world’s most sold car is one of the most valuable consumer goods in America and is an important employment factor at Ford. With the F-series, Ford generate more sales than large companies such as McDonalds, Nike, Coca-Cola, Visa and Netflix, so the automaker in a current message.

Now the 14 is. Generation of the success model in the starting blocks, which will be available for the first time with electric drive. The electric F-150 is intended to become more powerful than any other currently available F-150 and be equipped with two electric motors, but at the same time causing the lowest total cost of operation of a F-Series model over its entire service life. Since the internal combustion engine is eliminated, the electric F-150 will get missed over a huge frunk, as the front trunk at E-cars is missed, which offers even more versatility and safety when transporting cargo, so Ford.

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2 thoughts on “Ford builds new factory hall for the pure electric pick-up F-150”

  1. That the F 150 of Ford with diesel and gasoline engines is almost a permanent marketster in USA, is undisputed. Whether straight in the market segment of the E motor will play its strengths is still uncertain. But good-proof is that even in America the lever has now been put on electric now.
    This also proves the work at an eustang of Ford.


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