Ford builds new research center for battery technologies

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Ford builds new research center for battery technologies-research

The US automotive company Ford has announced a new global battery center called Ford Ion Park. The experts at the new location should accelerate the research and development of battery and battery cell technology – including the future production methods. “We are currently scaling worldwide the production of purely electric vehicles, as more and more customers experience the environmentally friendly benefits of electric cars and tend to long,” says Hau Thai-Tang, Chief Product Platform and Operations Officer by Ford. Investments in more battery research and development should help the manufacturer to accelerate this process “to be able to deliver more, more cost-effective electric cars over time,” then Thai-Tang on.

Ford could build up battery competence for almost two decades and now lead to a site a comprehensive team of more than 150 experts for development, research, manufacturing, planning, purchasing, quality and finances of battery technologies to a faster development and manufacture of battery cells and batteries reach. The Ford Ion Park team should also explore better integration and innovation opportunities in all aspects of the value chain – from the recovery of raw materials to recycling – and work together with all teams within the Group, including the experts of the new battery benchmarking and test laboratories of Ford, the Ford Customer Service Division as well as important suppliers and partners.

“We create new tools and solutions for a carbon-free future”

“We create new tools and solutions that we need for a carbon-free, affordable and better future,” says Thai-Tang. “We modernize the battery development and production capacities of Ford so that we can better control costs and production variables in their own home and can scale production around the world at high speed and quality.”The Ford Ion Park team has already recorded his work, that’s Ford. In addition, at the end of next year, a $ 185 million (153 million euros) expensive collaborative learning laboratory in the southeast of Michigans is to be opened, which is dedicated to the development, testing and construction of battery cells and battery packs.

Anand Sankaran will lead the Ford Ion Park team as a new director, the manufacturer shares with. Sankaran, for 30 years with Ford, decades of battery and electrification competence in its new position – such as its current role as director of the company for electrified system technology, as a winner of the Henry Ford Technology Award 1999 for its electrification work in the Ford Research Lab and as Head of product development, which transferred his research and technical innovations to important production vehicles, such as Mustang Mach-E. Sankaran also holds 32 US patents in the field of automotive power electronics and hybrid vehicle technologies and is Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Ford wants to gain momentum

Ford shared only a few weeks ago to invest until 2025 at least $ 22 billion (more than 18 billion euros) to invest in electromobility. In Europe, Ford wants to offer only electric cars on the car market from 2030. In Cologne, the manufacturer invests a billion dollar (800 million euros) in a new electric car plant to produce an e-car for the European mass market on the MEB platform of cooperation partner Volkswagen from 2023.

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  1. Supposedly make “The Big Three” (Ford, GM and Chrysler – the 1990s e-auto preventer) yes a lot in terms of e-mobility, but somehow I feel that it is more “pr-blabla”.

    “Ford wants …”

    Presumably delay the electric car as long as possible, hoping that the e-auto-goblet will pass to you and you can further build thick burners – together with Trump and the petroleum industry.

    If Ford and the others continue to sit on the “Trump-Burner Card” in the United States, then they will probably go under the once blooming “Motor City Detroit” – “Who does not go with the (new) time, …”.


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