Ford-Cologne becomes electric car plant, first model from 2023

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Ford-Cologne becomes electric car plant, first model from 2023-ford-cologne

Ford wants to become clearly electromobiles: From mid-2026, every Ford sold in Europe should be an electric car or plug-in hybrid, from 2030 the entire car model range should even be purely electrical. Commercial vehicles should also be more sustainable: Here, the manufacturer seeks to 2030 that two-thirds of all new vehicles should have either a plug-in drive or a fully electric drive. The US Group wants to invest at least $ 22 billion in the electrification by 2025 worldwide.

Good a billion of it – equal to a good 830 million euros – the manufacturer is now officially in its German plant in Cologne, according to some rumors, to prepare it for the production of electric cars, Ford’s first such facility in Europe. Here, from 2023 the first E-car manufactured by Ford in Europe is expected to run from the band, which is known to build up the MEB platform of competitors Volkswagen. In addition, there are already plans for the production of a second fully electric model, so the manufacturer in a current message.

“To rebuild the work in Cologne, in which we have been working in Germany for 90 years, is one of the most important announcements that Ford has made for over a generation. It underlines our commitment to Europe and a modern future with electric vehicles at the center of our growth strategy.”- Stuart Rowley, President Ford Europe

“The decision to make the production and development site in Cologne for the Electromobility Center for Ford in Europe is an important signal for the entire workforce,” says Martin Hennig, Chairman of the General Works Council of Ford-Werke GmbH. They offer the employees a long-term perspective and should encourage them at the same time to shape the electrical future.

Ford’s Europachef Stuart Rowley announced that Ford “offer an extraordinary selection of electric vehicles” wool, which should also be equipped with customer-oriented digital services. Ford’s Europa offshoot has been successfully restructured successfully and returned to the profit zone in the fourth quarter of 2020. “Now we start with expressive new vehicles and a first-class customer experience in a fully electric future in Europe,” Rowley said.

Acceleration of growth in commercial vehicle business

In 2020, Ford reached its sixth year as a leading commercial vehicle brand in Europe. The growth of the strong commercial vehicle segment is the key to the profitability of the Europe business. In addition, Ford’s strategic alliance with Volkswagen and his joint venture Ford Otosan for cost-effective vehicle development and procurement.

The further growth of the commercial vehicle business is to be driven by an ecosystem based on networked services, which were developed together with customers and improving the customer experience and help their companies to success. These include, for example, networked availability and productivity services such as FordPass Pro for fleets with up to five vehicles and the introduction of Ford Fleet Management, which was developed together with ALD Automotive in the past year, to maximize the productivity of fleet customers, looking for tailor-made services.

Ford-Cologne becomes electric car plant, first model from 2023-firstford

Ford and Google recently announced the creation of a new collaborative group called Team Upshift to better use disruptive, data-controlled ways. This unique partnership in combination with Ford’s internal skills is intended to be the basis for changing user experiences and services for both commercial vehicle as well as the company’s car customers.

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  1. I continue to believe in hydrogen cars, rather than electromobility.
    But no decision is the worst decision. So we think positively for the location of Cologne and hope for the acceptance of the customers. However, the infrastructure must be considered and significantly further. In metropolitan areas, or. growing areas, I see a big problem for the “refueling” the car to come to us.


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