Ford creates jobs for production of F-150 e-pick-up

Ford creates jobs for production of F-150 e-pick-up-jobs

While the first pre-production vehicles of F-150 Lightning out of the new Rouge Electric Vehicle Center roll out Ford and the demand for the fully electric pick-up continues to speed up, the manufacturer informs that he increases investment in the model and more jobs will create production: Ford invests an up-to-date announcement of additional $ 250 million (more than 213 million euros) and creates 450 more direct jobs related to the production of electric pick-ups. Investments and additional jobs will contribute according to their own statement, production capacity to 80.To increase 000 vehicles per year.

“We knew that the F-150 Lightning is something special, but the interest of the public has exceeded our highest expectations and changed the discourse over electric vehicles. So we doubles to us literally and put jobs and investments on it to increase production, “said Bill Ford, CEO of the Ford Motor Company. The F-150 Lightning with a starting price of 40.000 dollars, translated 34.000 Euro, and a range of just 480 kilometers according to EPA estimate, focuses on the heart of the US car market, in which pick-ups are extremely popular. This illustrates a look into the order books: Ford has so far more than 150.000 reservations received for the purely electrical F-150.

Ford creates jobs for production of F-150 e-pick-up-e-pick-upford

“The Electrification of the F-Series – for 44 years best selling pick-up in the USA – represents a significant step in the mass introduction of electric vehicles in America,” said Kumar Galho, President of the Americas and International Markets Group of Ford. The US manufacturer announced a good year ago the construction of the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center as part of an initial investment of $ 700 million in the historic Ford Rouge Center and thus created a production plant for F-150 Lightning. Now the first pre-series F-150 Lightning leave the factory for real tests. The first customer deliveries should start in the coming spring.

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3 thoughts on “Ford creates jobs for production of F-150 e-pick-up”

  1. This car has Ford properly planned. You know your clientele, which is very conservative, but you have to earn money and if you make a “something” easier, you will buy that. The “something” is in this case an electric drive in your usual F 150. This will work the frunk to the engine room for network-independent work. So you wanted to convince slowly the regular. Now that is convincing obviously a little faster, so you have to produce more cars. That’s good and right like that.

    If GM comes to the market with a pickup, you will not take anything away, at best have lost market shares. Rivian is more for leisure cowboys, but at least considerable. The Japanese are blank, there you can wilder. And Tesla? Playing the lead … The boss makes in stinking missiles, the electric cars did not love anymore. Tesla was not his company anyway and his idea, since he only revealed.


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