Ford doubles F-150 production to 150.000 units by 2023

Ford doubles F-150 production to 150.000 units by 2023-2023

Ford is entering the final stages of pre-production of its F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck and has announced a further doubling of production capacity for the new electric vehicle. The US automaker expects to ramp up Michigan production to 150 by mid-2023.000 units per year and thus massively increase the total production volume of e-cars.

Since launch, Ford has been accepting reservations for the F-150 Lightning with a $100 refundable deposit and has announced that 20.000 reservations and within 48 hours 44.000 reservations for the F-150 Lightning had been received. By the beginning of December, the mark of over 200 had been reached.000 reservations to crack. Any fleet customers should not be taken into account here. It is sometimes not clear how many of the reservations are actually converted into binding orders.

However, Ford assumes that many of the F-150 reservations will result in a concrete production order. For this reason, the production capacity for the e-pick-up was increased in August 2021. This new schedule saw 15.000 Lightning EVs in 2022, 55.000 in 2023 and 80.000 in 2024. At that time Ford had 160.000 vehicles targeted for 2025 when the second generation of the F-150 Lightning is launched. These quantities are currently not sufficient for the market, reason for Ford to increase production capacity again. According to the US automaker, it will ramp up capacity at its Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan. Starting with a goal of around 80.000 units of the F-150BJ 2023.

Ford also has the planned production rate of about 150.000 units per year announced by mid-2023. Earlier, Ford had already announced plans to triple production of the popular Mustang Mach-E, and to over 200 by 2023.000 units per year increase. Coupled with Ford‘s forthcoming all-electric e-transit van, this bodes well for future EV production. In the next 24 months, 600.000 electric vehicles are manufactured per year.

You definitely don’t bake small rolls. Initially, the automaker has set itself the goal of becoming the clear number two among North American electric car manufacturers and has even announced that it will challenge Tesla for number one. With investments of more than $30 billion in EVs through 2025, including $11.4 billion in multiple U.S. EV battery plants, Ford is about 2.5 years behind Tesla and picking up the pace.

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3 thoughts on “Ford doubles F-150 production to 150.000 units by 2023”

  1. Someone must have heard the shots – especially in the largest pickup market in the world, there is a need to move away from the combustion engines.
    It will be exciting to see when which manufacturer will be able to meet the incredibly fast-growing demand, and not just in homeopathic doses, as has been the case up to now 😉

    Time will tell

  2. Ford has become very intelligent to the topic of electromobility. They did not like others loudly flush, but in 2017 secretly made their bestsellers to bring him to the electrical age.

    For that, you had thought about how the traditional clientele looks like pick-ups and what they could pull for electromobility. Fancy design? no! These people are conservative. The car must bring a significant added value in your everyday life. And they have done that in which they realized the frunk as a machine room for location-independent work. A big battery uses the car. And the price is fair.

    Right in the first year from zero to 150.000. Madness! You can hear from surcharges for deliveries this year ..


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