Ford is intended to double production volume of electric pick-up F-150

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Ford is intended to double production volume of electric pick-up F-150-volume

It suggests that the purely electric pick-up F-150 Lightning from Ford as its combustion counterpart will be an absolute bestseller. From 120.000 Pre-orders the US manufacturer now speaks. The first 20.000 interested parties had their electric pick-up, which is to be delivered from spring 2022, already reserved within just twelve hours after the official presentation of the vehicle in May.

To get behind the enormous demand, Ford intends to double the initially planned production capacities, as the news agency Reuters reports. Accordingly, the F-150 Lightning from 2024 is now 80.000 times instead planned only 40.Walk from the band. The production should only gradually arrive at this level: First of 2022 only 15.000 pieces and in 2023 55.000 models running from the tape. Much of the reservation holder will have to wait a long time for his electrified F-150.

With 414 kW / 563 hp and a torque of up to 1051 Nm, the stronger of the two planned electro-150 versions is the strongest of ever-built F-150. At 100 km / h, the nearly six meter long pick-up is expected to accelerate in less than 5 seconds. Another advantage is the trailer coupling with which the vehicle can pull up one up to 4.5 tons of heavy trailer. The batteries offered in two variants ensure ranges of 370 or. 480 kilometers to American EPA standard.

Ford is intended to double production volume of electric pick-up F-150-doubleford

For battery capacity in kWh, Ford does not yet provide information. It is estimated to be 170 to 180 kWh at the larger and about 140 kWh in the smaller model. The DC charging power is up to 150 kW, the charging period from 15 to 80 percent gives Ford with 40 minutes. The electric pick-up F-150 Lightning should be available at a starting price, which with good 40.000 dollars (about 32.700 euros) corresponds to its similarly configured and conventionally driven counterparts. Equipped with more comfort and additional technologies, the model variant XLT is good 53.000 Euro (about 43.400 euros).

Ford is “excited about high demand”

Data that seems to have convinced both the commercial and private clientele. In order to be able to set up the higher production capacities, Ford invest additional $ 850 million (about 725 million euros), so Reuters continue.

From the end of 2025 Ford wants to double the production again and to 160.Increase 000 pieces per year. Then the already second generation of F-150 Lightning should appear, which should build on a new electro platform. While the first Lightning generation is still on a modified F-150 combustion platform, the second generation of the expected first pick-up should be on Ford‘s new TE1 platform.

Ford himself shared only with, “enthusiastic about the customer demand for F-150 Lightning” and continue to search for ways, “to overcome restrictions and to fulfill the customer demand”. The company relinately refused Reuters to give more comments. The F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States for more than four decades. And what it looks like, this could remain so after switching to the electric drive.

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  1. Ca. 40.000 € (prices in dollars, are always without taxes) for such a device with the battery size is really an announcement. Since one could almost come to the pawn as a camping fan. But obviously Ford still thinks in small standards as far as production capacity is concerned.



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