Ford Luxury Brand Lincoln receives E-SUV based on the Rivian platform

Ford Luxury Brand Lincoln receives E-SUV based on the Rivian platform-receives

At the end of April, Ford is committed to the partnership with Rivian to accelerate its efforts to launch a number of electric cars and trucks while streamlining the processes, reducing costs and increase profitability. For its luxury brand Lincoln, the American car manufacturers are now planning an electric SUV based on the Rivian skateboard platform.

The Lincoln will use the “skateboard” chassis of Rivian, which Rivian wants to use in its R1S SUV. The project is currently under the internal code name (“U787”), but it is not apparent that it will be a fully electrified SUV. Guesses, however, suggest this as the U787 is based on Rivian’s skateboard platform, which was explicitly developed for pure E cars.

In the room is still the fact that Ford could resort to Rivian as a handler. Would offer itself as they are best familiar with their own platform. Rivian itself, enables its own E-SUV as well as the E-Pickup Truck a range of more than 643 kilometers with a single charge. A similar energy capacity could also be available to the Ford Lincoln E-SUV.

The fully electric Lincoln SUV could go on sale 2021 or 2022. For this period, Ford first plans with more compact models, whereupon a larger E model should follow. The Rivian R1S is planned for 2021 and will be over 70.000 dollars costs. This is more than the basic price of Lincoln Corsair, which is around 36.000 dollars lies. But the R1S is a full-size SUV, so it is likely that the planned electric SUV models would start from Lincoln cheaper.

The electric first of Ford should become a “Mustang-Based Crossover” and ghosts as Make E through the car world – which has now seen the light of the world. A shelby variant of Mach-E is also discussed. In addition, a fully electric F150 pick-up and an e-transit transporter is planned.

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2 thoughts on “Ford Luxury Brand Lincoln receives E-SUV based on the Rivian platform”

  1. Rivian as a contract ready?
    They have shown zero competence as a finished so far – just air.
    If you build on such a klesche shows Ford that you do not have anything to get technically on the ribs.
    Buy MEB from VW .. Rivian for any SUV and Mustang somehow ..
    This should now be a strategy against Tesla and for electromobility?
    Comforting for the Ford lead days, that GM and Toyota and FCA get even less on the tax chain AKA power electronics.
    In these companies, the whole development department is also reduced to an internship with annual contract, which reclaims for 8-cylinder SUV and pickups and again the radiant grille or any sheet metal.

    It really seems to be so that Tesla and VW are the only player in this game.

  2. Mustang Mach-e four-door sedan?! Mustang Mach-E Pickup?! Hello Ford, let the name “Mustang” in peace! Mustang was always a sports coupe and that’s how it should stay!


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