Ford Mach-E GT: The rampant Mustang – Our impressions

Ford Mach-E GT: The rampant Mustang - Our impressions-mach-e

For a long time there was no real excitement at Ford when it came to electric cars. Technology outside of combustion chambers was considered less desirable. But now the group is under power. From 2026, Ford promises at least one electric version or one plug-in model for all passenger car series. And from 2030, all models in Europe will be exclusively electric. To this end, Ford is investing one billion dollars in the modernization of the Cologne location. From 2023, the first electric mass-produced model will roll off the production line there – albeit based on VW’s MEB platform.

But first the spark had to fly. And what better way to ensure sufficient excitement at the start of a new era than an in-house icon? The Mustang Mach-E already has tradition and a new beginning in its name – even if that is of course a little deceptive, because Ford’s first electric car is not a thoroughbred sports car, but has the characteristics of an SUV. The rear lights are reminiscent of the original, as are the massive front hood and the thick cheeks, but at the rear the designers had to resort to a trick that was admittedly chic: because the roof edge and spoiler are black, as are the sills, the Mach-E makes an impression almost like a coupe when viewed from the side.

Ford Mach-E GT: The rampant Mustang - Our impressions-ford

Around 2000 units have already found fans in Germany this year – now Ford is going one better: the Mach-E GT. The high-performance model packs 487 hp and an even more impressive 860 Nm of torque into the four-wheel drive and pushes the driver to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds. Unlike the previous versions, you can go up to 200. That comes much closer to the philosophy of the potent muscle car. Which Mustang would like to be tamed??

“The new Mach-E GT shows what a purely electric drive can do,” said Ford Europe boss Stuart Rowley at the premiere. And that’s why the future Mustang somehow rightly bears the legendary name. Especially since the GT comes standard with an adjustable chassis, red painted brake calipers behind the 20-inch wheels and sports seats of the “Abraham’s lap” type. The extended-range battery has a usable capacity of 88 kWh – and therefore enough juice for 500 kilometers (WLTP).

Ford Mach-E GT: The rampant Mustang - Our impressions-rampant

Access is unusual: via a pushbutton on the B-pillar and a somewhat fiddly finger hook above the door panel. Advantage of the technology: you can leave the key at home and unlock it with your smartphone – or with a numeric code. The lever inside, however, sits far back and well hidden in the paneling.

There is plenty of room inside the 4.74 meter long cordless Mustang. The cockpit has given way to a flat display, and a huge 15.5-inch touchscreen is floating next to it – upright like in the Tesla. With the Sync4 infotainment system, the Stromer is always online and can be updated via the Internet. If you like, you can fill the interior with sound using a sound system with 560 watts.

Ford Mach-E GT: The rampant Mustang - Our impressions-mach-e

The passenger is also comfortable in the second row, but he cannot avoid bowing to the sleek roof. The Mach-E packs 519 liters behind the large tailgate, and even 1.4 cubic meters with the rear seats folded down. Where at burners usually the engine sits, the Mustang shines with a 100 liter front trunk named “Frunk”. Clever detail: As with the Puma, the thing is made of plastic and can also be washed out thanks to a plug in the bottom. An ideal place for dirty shoes or the rain-soaked charging cable.

The Mustang scores really well when it comes to handling. The tuning creates a highly successful mix of a lot of sportiness and an adequate rest of comfort. Coupled with precise steering and a slightly pushing tail, the occasional gallop turns into a little pleasure in between, despite the 2.3 tons. In the “Temperamental” mode, there is even a synthetic sound from eight cylinders. And keeping a wild horse without a run would not be species-appropriate..

Ford Mach-E GT: The rampant Mustang - Our impressions-ford

Recuperation is a good solution. The one-pedal function can be activated by pressing a button twice, and it actually works until it comes to a standstill. Either way, the “Intelligent Range” function supports. It is networked with the on-board navigation system and allows the actual range to be calculated precisely. The system takes into account the previous driving style, but also external factors such as the weather.

However, book one of the battery bible always applies: Dynamics and distance do not go together. Bargain foxes tend not to get their money’s worth in the GT. Although the top Mustang can be moved at a collected trot under 20 kWh per 100 kilometers – but well over 30 at a gallop are not a serious problem. In the end, a brisk test drive of over 200 varied kilometers added 260 kilometers to the range, and the battery still reported 49 percent capacity. One can live with that.

Ford Mach-E GT: The rampant Mustang - Our impressions-rampant

Almost more important than fast travel, however, is fast charging for customers. At some point even the strongest memory is empty. Ford has set up the FordPass network for this purpose. With currently almost 160.000 locations, it is Europe’s largest network of publicly accessible charging points. In addition, 400 Ionity stations with almost 2400 charging points are also available. On a wallbox (11 kW), the filling of ten to 80 percent takes about six hours, at the usual socket about two and a half times so long. Who has hurried and finds a free spot – on a 150 kW column can be pulled in ten minutes of juice for about 100 kilometers.

Ford Mach-E GT: The rampant Mustang - Our impressions-impressions

Of course, the Mach-E shot, pace and distance, peeks in the dead angle, also recognizes pedestrians and cyclists and throws the anchor for need. And at the push of a button, he even parked and again. A bargain, however, is the Mach-E GT – at 72.990 euros is likely to expire many traditional Ford customer in snapping. Small comfort: You can go to the series already from 46.Keep 900 euros, but then it must be able to cope with 269 hp, 68 kW battery and a standard sprint in seven seconds. There are worse ..

Ford Mach-E GT: The rampant Mustang - Our impressions-mustang

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