Ford Mach-Eau: Powered air for e-auto fans hanging on the burner

Ford Mach-Eau: Powered air for e-auto fans hanging on the burner-e-auto

The question of whether it’s Ford with the Perfume Ford Mach-Eau serious is questionable. Also, if the idea appears quite comprehensible. Together with perfumer experts, they have created a premium scent for those who long for the fully electric performance of the new Ford Mustang Mach-E GT and still want to quite miss the typical smell of traditional gasoline burners.

Decisive for this was the result of a survey, which revealed around 20 percent of respondents that they would most miss the Benzinguch in a transition to an electric vehicle. In addition, it was that 70 percent of respondents said that they would miss the Benzinguche at least to a certain extent. The perception of gasoline was almost equal to the smell of new books in the popularity scale.

“The results of our survey let realize that the sensual peculiarity of gasoline is something that some drivers do not want to do without. The scent of Mach Eau should give you a touch of fuel odor, after which you are still tendons. He should stop long enough, so that the performance of the GT model can evaporate all other doubts.”- Jay Ward, Director, Ford of Europe Product Communications

Instead of just smelling of gasoline, Mach-Eau pleases the nose through pleasant complexity, as Ford gives to understand. It is Mach-Eau a high-end fragrance containing smoky notes, and suggesting rubber and even an “animal” element as an allusion to the Mustang heritage. The scent was recently, as part of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, an annual event in the United Kingdom, which attracts automotive fans from all over the world. The scent that it does not buy is part of the persistent mission of Ford to dissipate widespread prejudices to electric cars and convince traditional car lovers of the potential of electric vehicles.

Ford Mach-Eau: Powered air for e-auto fans hanging on the burner-hangingford

To creation of the perfume, the car manufacturers gave the following: “Mach-Eau was created by the renowned perfume company Olfiction with Ingredienzia, which represent specific elements of the history of the fragrance. Pia Long from the British Society of Perfumers, who has already worked for some of the most famous perfumed matters, was significantly involved in the emergence of the fragrance. Their starting point was the study of the chemicals emitted by car interior, motors and gasoline. These included benzaldehyde, a mandel-like fragrance, which is delivered by car interior, and parakresol, which is responsible for the rubbery scent of tires. In addition, ingredients such as blue ginger, lavender, geranium and sandalwood, which put metallic, smoky and rubbery accents. In order to underline the heir of the Ford Mustang and to convey the impression of horses, animal scent elements were also added.”

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7 thoughts on “Ford Mach-Eau: Powered air for e-auto fans hanging on the burner”

  1. With such press releases one distracts then sent by the real problems of Mach-E.
    Please refer:
    Comparison of the thermal management of Mustang Mach-E and the Tesla Model Y at YouTube channel “Muno Live” – very enlightening
    &# 128521;

  2. What to buy a perfume when there is this smell for free?
    A ride in the emobile through Berlin promises hundreds of various combustion noise, which can also be visually perceived.
    Whether the smell of a Mustang more antirnt as the TDI, Cayenne or a five kilometer moving trabbi or other vintage cars I can not say. Hormone fluctuations do not cause these exhalations with me, rather the thought of how beautiful pure unpested air could be without combustion.

  3. Yes, let’s talk about the Ford quality

    2013 Ford Focus St, engine damage after 28.000km in 2015

    2016 Ford Ka of my wife, after 1 year with 9000km gearbox countershaft stock broken, water entrance and inside wet, was never found until the sale.

    2018 FOCUS RS, cylinder head gasket at 6000km defective, braided bridge though because of callback this has already been exchanged.

    We had 3 Ford from different years of construction, each of which was qualitatively a nightmare, I have listed here the big problems, all in all, the 3 cars were unplanny 35x in the workshop!

  4. Yes is already april? Mach – Eau? Spoken macho? I believe you (and the rest of the press) has fallen into a duck. Or is there really an official press release from Ford?

    And which e-car driver seriously misses the stench?


  5. I think this is a good idea. Maybe you could still install a simulated fuel flap. I find more important, however, the imitation of engines and exhaust sounds. I often heard many burner drivers enormous value on a “rich sound”. That would be a small thing as new Eautos have to simulate driving noise anyway.


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