Ford Mustang special model Bullitt: This is how good the sports car is for 52,500 euros


This Mustang is licensed to lawn

Ford Mustang special model Bullitt: This is how good the sports car is for 52,500 euros-bullitt

The movie classic "Bullitt" is inextricably linked with the Mustang. For the 50th anniversary, Ford is now bringing a limited edition with this name

Source: Ford

Ten more horsepower for a surcharge of 5000 euros. What a cheek! You might think so. But you don’t buy the Mustang Bullitt because of the performance, but because of the legend. And that is priceless.

KThere’s no one in Hollywood who could drive as hardy as Steve McQueen. This was not only the case in “Le Mans”, the feature-length homage to the 24-hour race in northern France. McQueen also proved his ability in “Bullitt”. The eleven-minute chase through the streets of San Francisco in a 1968 Mustang GT Fastback is still considered one of the best in film history and played a large part in the success of the Ford Mustang.

The Americans are now conjuring up this feeling again and are bringing the new special edition Bullitt onto the streets right on time for the 50th anniversary of the cinema release. Base price: 52,500 euros.

It is not the ten hp more power that Ford tickles out of the five-liter V8 that makes the difference. It’s the infinitely cool way in which the engine, thanks to the intake system and the controls from the big Shelby brother, 350 GT, mobilizes its now 460 hp and 529 Nm, and above all the crazy sound of the valve exhaust.

Ford Mustang special model Bullitt: This is how good the sports car is for 52,500 euros-special

Red Brembo calipers peek out from behind the black spokes of the custom-made 19-inch rims

Source: Ford

The manual transmission compensates for jumps in speed with wonderful double-declutching thrusts and is a splendid example of the advantages of manual work – it clicks through the gears so wonderfully precisely and with relish that you don’t want to leave any gear standing for a second too long.

And there are details like the gear knob, which looks like a billiard ball and sits just as comfortably in the hand. Thanks to the brave Ford engineers who fought for months on their own for this bit of hard plastic and didn’t give up even when the second supplier went off the rack. This cool ball alone is almost worth the surcharge of 5000 euros.

With this ball in one hand and the grippy steering wheel in the other, you immediately feel at the wheel like Lieutenant Frank Bullitt on a chase through the streets of San Francisco and long for his police badge. While the Mustang has the license to lawn and, unlike the other models, is therefore not slowed down at 250 items, the traffic rules still apply to the driver stupidly. In no other Ford are they as difficult to keep as in this one.

From zero to 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds

The V8 babbles too temptingly in idle to not want to hear it roar, the gears clack too easily through the tightly stepped gearbox to not want to turn them off, and the 4.6 seconds are too short for the standard sprint with launch Control, rather than not wanting to fully depress the pedal. Especially not after they flanged the intake of the Shelby GT 350 onto the engine block of the Bullitt.

As a result, the engine breathes even more freely, turns faster and higher and is therefore not only faster past the vehicle in front when overtaking, but also leaves all its stable mates from the Mustang herd at full throttle: where otherwise it runs out at 250, the Bullitt at least gallops up to 263 km / h.

Ford Mustang special model Bullitt: This is how good the sports car is for 52,500 euros-mustang

The adaptive chassis adapts to the unevenness of the road in milliseconds and, in conjunction with the precise steering, allows the Fastback to go quickly through the bends

Source: Ford

You turn the long bonnet effortlessly into the curve, the wide Michelins maintain contact with the asphalt without any problems. Of course there are sports cars that are more manageable and more precise. But the American is doing more than bravely with his Magna Ride chassis. And the narrower and lonelier the country roads get, the more fun you have on this hot ride.

The Bullitt is not only blazingly fast, razor-sharp and wonderfully authentic. With it you can cover great distances in just a few moments. Because regardless of whether Salzgitter or Seligenstadt, the Black Forest or southern France – somehow you always drive this Mustang in the streets of San Francisco, at least in your mind’s eye.

Ford Mustang special model Bullitt: This is how good the sports car is for 52,500 euros-ford

Black leather – unfortunately only an imitation – with green stitching. At least the seats are made of real leather. Recaro seats are available on request

Source: Ford

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12 thoughts on “Ford Mustang special model Bullitt: This is how good the sports car is for 52,500 euros”

  1. Regardless of the version, the Mustang has an excellent price-performance ratio. For a V8 Cabriolet you pay € 46,000 here. For this money you don’t get a comparable German sports car. And the engine, driving characteristics and workmanship stand up to any comparison. P.S. don’t own one, drive a Mercedes. But I have driven the Mustang several times and know the various test reports

  2. The Show Must Go on! Anyone who looks at the car in detail will be disappointed. Also from the chassis. Rolling noise after three thousand miles like a Land Rover. Sawtooth profile formation on all tires. Chassis stuttering when walking hard, with loss of traction. Cheap, made-to-measure soft plastic in the interior. Trunk lining nil. Only primed sheet of a different color. Extremely cheap inferior quality carpet felt in the interior. I had the opportunity to drive a wide variety of Mustang models in the USA for three months. From the GT 350 H in Florida to the gruesome 4cyl. Ecotec in Hawaii. Incidentally, it consumed more than the six-cylinder. With 35 th. The car would be paid fairly. For retro design: take a look at the new Alpine A110. Also costs 60 thou. Euro. Top quality, superbly processed, first-class performance, not mass-produced. The Mustang is worthless after three or four years and there are at least six new models again.

  3. "The Mustang is no longer worth it after three or four years". On the contrary, ams determines the lowest loss in value in euros (not percent) for the Mustang in the sports car segment.

  4. A year ago I drove the Mustang GT in Florida for two weeks. Wow, it was fun. I can’t imagine how much fun the Bullitt version is. So beautiful "Political Incorrect"!

  5. The 5000 euros for this special model are money well spent. If it is limited to a small number of items, you should have it back quickly when you sell it. Otherwise awesome car, maybe a few horsepower too little. Such a car should have around 800 hp. But they can be easily "retrofitted" for the engine


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