Ford & Redwood: Partnership for recycling of e-car batteries

Ford & Redwood: Partnership for recycling of e-car batteries-e-car

The US automaker Ford and the recycling company Redwood materials want to work together in the future to build the battery recycling of e-auto batteries and a domestic battery box. Fords and Redwood’s common goal is to provide a current communication to make electric cars in this way more sustainable and reduce the costs for batteries. Thus, ultimately e-cars should become more affordable.

Ford and Redwood now want to develop a system to integrate the battery recycling firmly into the Battery Strategy of Ford. Redwood recycling technology can recover more than 95 percent of important battery products such as nickel, cobalt, lithium and copper. These materials can then be reused in a closed circuit. By using locally recycled battery materials, Ford can reduce costs, ensure battery supply and reduce its dependence on imports and raw material mining.

“The partnership with Redwood material will be crucial to our plan, to build electric cars on a large scale, to the lowest possible cost and with a waste-free approach,” says Jim Farley, President and CEO of Ford. The company invests more than $ 30 billion (more than 25.5 billion euros) in the electrification of his portfolio by 2025 alone. 50 million of it – converted about 43 million euros – is Ford to the new partnership with the emerging recycling company.

The new partnership is part of a larger plan: Ford wants to build several own battery factories in North America and start the production of e-car batteries from the middle of the decade. By building a supply chain with recycled materials on site, Ford wants to reduce battery costs and contribute to protecting the environment. For the production of battery cells, the company together with the Korean battery manufacturer SK Innovation has launched the joint venture Blueovalsk, which, subject to definitive agreements, official permits and other conditions, has yet to be officially started.

Only a few days ago REDWOOD announced to produce strategic battery materials and to deliver about copper foil for anodes and cathodic materials to US partners. Redwood – by the way, founded by JB Straubbel, who invested very early in Tesla and there until 2019 the office of the CTO held – plans off the distance from Ford to enter the supply chain for lithium-ion batteries. Strauble says that recycling is a “key factor for improving the ecological footprint of lithium-ion batteries”. In addition, the costs can be reduced and thus promoting the introduction of electric cars.

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