Ford’s first MEB electric car is to receive US-oriented design

Ford's first MEB electric car is to receive US-oriented design-receive

There are news about Ford’s first electric car, which is created on VWS electric car platform MEB and to be produced from 2023: According to AutoCar, the car developed for the European market should be based on the design of its great brothers from the United States, as Ford‘s Europa Chef Stuart Rowley said. He wants to use Ford’s American heritage as a differentiation feature: “Ford is now the only American brand in Europe, and we can build on it. Many people feel attracted to some of these properties, and only Ford can bring such products to market, “he said.

Rowley indicated that nuclear models of the US market as the new SUVS Bronco and Explorer could be used as a design basis for European models, similar to Mach-E on elements of the legendary sports car Mustang. Specifically, this means that Ford’s new Europe model whose mobile pedestal is from Volkswagen, from the proportions rather an ID.4 are similar to an ID.3, who has more golf format.

For its regionally oriented crossover, which will be positioned below Mustang Mach-E, Ford invests a billion US dollar (about 800 million euros) in the production site Cologne. The partnership with Volkswagen is designed that Ford between 2023 and 2029 600.000 Pieces of the not named E-car can produce. Adjustments up to the top should be in the range of the possible, it says from industry circles.

Since the technical data of the MEB kit are well known, the performance values of the upcoming Ford electric car should not offer great surprises. However, it may be assumed that Ford is more oriented at the top of the performance of the MEB platform, so we take the performance model VW ID.4 GTX as a scale: This comes on all-wheel drive 220 kW / 299 hp, sprints within a good six seconds at speed 100 and comes with a battery charge up to 480 kilometers. In order to address less payments, Ford is likely to take less powerful and rich high and thus cheaper variants in the portfolio. The MEB kit also keeps the appropriate parts ready for this.

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4 thoughts on “Ford’s first MEB electric car is to receive US-oriented design”

  1. “To address even less payments” what should be a stupid and insulting statement???? If the price-performance ratio is true, there is hardly a problem to get enough customers

  2. If next to Ford, GM and Chrysler is now building on the MEB Platform, Tesla is at the end of numbers even with pure BEVs from the VW Group “caught up” and that’s not just in Europe &# 128521;
    Time wants Tell

  3. Um … I do not understand that. Mondeo and Co. are scrambled, instead, there are scrape optics from the USA. Especially since you already have the Mach-E. Explorer were already sold here in huge quantities, we need urgent. Ford would like to say goodbye to Europe. I will not miss her: O

  4. So even more E cars in the obesome combustion format … Well, the first cars were also only wooden slides with engine instead of horse. Hopefully, humans can soon also see the future vehicles of the individual passenger transportation externally that it came in the car new rethinking in times of climate catastrophe and the rolling resource destruction has quantitatively advanced a bar.


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