Ford: “So much demand that we’re not sure how we can deliver”


It suggests that the purely electric pick-up F-150 Lightning from Ford as its combustion counterpart will be an absolute bestseller. Of over 150.000 Pre-orders the US manufacturer now speaks. And also the fully electric transit come to over 24.000 Pre-orders. An announcement. The investment in e-mobility seems to be expected. Nevertheless, one is currently facing at first resistances of commercial customers who are an important target group for the two new E models.

These customers take a “wafer” attitude. As a result, there are mixed signals in terms of electric cars. This is partly due to lack of experience with electric vehicles and partly due to lack of clarity on government policy and the rules for electric vehicles. The advantages for connoisseurs of e-mobility are obvious. Electric work and delivery trucks can save fleet customers money on fuel, maintenance and repairs, “but there’s still a fear of the unknown” among employees and managers, Ford Pro chief executive Ted Cannis told Reuters.

Cannis projects that “by 2030, 70% of buses and vans in the US will be electric. That’s more than 300.000 vehicles per year. And we project that a third of the pickup market will be fully electric by 2030, that’s more than 800.000 vehicles per year.One thing is certain: Ford will not have a demand problem. The company even faces the challenge of starting series production to meet demand: “We have so much demand that I’m not sure how we can supply.”

From what we understand, the plan is to have an annual production rate of 15.000 F-150 Lightning to achieve in 2022. The following year, Ford is aiming for 55.000 F-150 Lightning to 80 in 2024.000 vehicles per year to land. At the beginning of the planning you are still 40.000 Stromer run out in the year. From the end of 2025, Ford wants to double production again and to 160.000 pieces per year increase. Then the second generation of the F-150 Lightning should appear, which should be based on a new electric platform. While the first Lightning generation is still based on a modified F-150 combustion platform, the second generation is expected to be the first pick-up on Ford‘s new TE1 platform.

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4 thoughts on “Ford: “So much demand that we’re not sure how we can deliver””

  1. This problem is not new, but it is new to Ford. You imagined it differently. Because they have an arch-conservative clientele that you wanted to convince over time. But conservative does not mean that people can not think: if you can operate heavy pneumatic device out-independent of the frunk, this helps to make the job easier. Then you accept the electric motor.

    Fortunately, there are still some caveats. Because otherwise you wouldn’t have a chance to deliver against the demand. But you have to make sure that in two years a significant part of the F-150 and Transit can be delivered electrically.

  2. wait and see attitude…

    yes no….it’s clear..

    “What the farmer doesn’t know, he won’t eat”

    We can thank all the (un)qualified specialist media and the federal government, which have only fueled fears and worries about e-mobility in the last few years and the responsible citizen had to find out for himself what is good and works.

    And with 80% underage citizens… it was foreseeable

    it remains exciting


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