Ford starts construction of a new factory for electric pickup F-150

Ford starts construction of a new factory for electric pickup F-150-factory

The Ford F-150, a fully electric pickup truck, becomes reality. According to the first media reports, this should come to the street until the end of 2022. First prototypes have already been spotted. We are happy to remember July 2019. Because then Ford Motors did not just want to introduce his Ford F-150 prototypes in words and photos, but also follow actions. Linda Zhang, Chief Engineer of the Ford F-150, proved the performance of a prototype of the fully electric F-150, as these ten double-deck goods wagons and 42 F-150 model year 2019 weighing more than one million pounds (> 450.000 kg).

As is known, Ford was not in front of the production of electric cars at the race for the production of electric cars. Although you launched the Ford Focus Electric and plug-in versions of the merger and C-Max at an early stage. A ranger electric car was also produced. With the electro-pickup F-150 this should change sustainably. For Ford has about 900 last year.000 Pickup trucks of the F series sold and thus around 42 billion dollar sales achieved. The US automaker will thus use his electric pickup directly there, where you could prove your own strength already in the past.

For this reason, Ford has begun to build a new factory to build the upcoming electric pickup F-150 next to its current pickup factory in Dearborn, Michigan. When confirming the plans, to bring a fully electric version of the F-150 to the market, Darren Palmer, the head of the Ford team Edison, said that the automaker has the goal of the Electric F-150 “before 2022” bring to the market. Now it seems as if the production will start only in 2022.

While the car manufacturer converts his factories for the new model year of the pickup, Bloomberg reports that Ford has also started the construction of a new factory next to his work in Dearborn to build the new electro version there. Prototype production should start next year. While the first production prototypes are expected next year, actual serial production for traders is expecting only 2022, sources with internal information about the F-150 plans.

Interestingly, it will be the first from the ground up to built electric vehicles from Ford that should be produced in the USA. This year, Ford brings Mustang Mach-E on the market, but the vehicle is built in Mexico. Finally, Mustang Mach-E has successfully hit itself in a variety of test scenarios, in the future, on over-the-air updates, as we know you from Tesla and is still waiting with an impressive charge performance.

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  1. The AMIS first build a factory before you can show the product. The F 150 was market leader there both with large gasoline and diesel engines. There will also be a market as E, it also knows Rivian. The thoughts, SUV S should not be built as E build from Europe and is a snapside. New lighter SUV S without four-wheeled and slightly lighter and not so high in the future would be interestant in the future because the market for slightly higher seating position remains thanks to better overview. From the VW-Bully you rising more relaxed than “stapping” with the knees at the chin out of the race car.


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