Ford Trend Report: The biggest concern is the climate

Ford Trend Report: The biggest concern is the climate-report

Ford has used the tenth anniversary of its trend report “Looking Further with Ford” as an opportunity to look far into the future. While the reports published annually have so far tended to record current microtrends, this time the report that has just been published examines the major issues of the coming decades. Ford has conducted and evaluated surveys around the world to understand people’s ideas about the future. The focus was on topics such as the environment, mobility, economy, society and family. The results paint a picture of a world that will be vastly different from today, it said in a statement.

According to Ford, 81 percent of adults worldwide say that climate change worries them about the future of their children, with climate change reflecting the population’s greatest fear for the future at 29 percent. 22 percent are currently worried about the corona pandemic. Almost 80 percent of Generation Z would like to have and raise their own children in the future, while in Germany a quarter of all women surveyed gave climate change as the reason for not wanting to have children.

Further findings of the trend report: Around 13 percent of respondents worldwide believe that the world of work will never return to normal after Corona, 68 percent say that teachers cannot be replaced by fully digitized systems or even robots, and 44 percent believe that clear gender assignments will disappear in the course of their lifetime. Adults aged 18 and over were surveyed in numerous countries around the world.

Confidence in autonomous vehicles has increased: 65 percent of parents say that in future their children should rather ride in self-driving cars than with strangers at the wheel. Additionally, 31 percent of Gen Z and Millennials agree that young people today don’t necessarily need to learn to drive.

With its “Ready for Tomorrow” brand alignment, Ford is signaling that the company is striving to be a pioneer in times of change in the automotive industry. Accordingly, it is planned that by 2030 around 40 percent of Ford vehicles sold worldwide will be fully electric. In Europe, 100 percent of Ford cars sold should be fully electric by 2030. In addition, two-thirds of the commercial vehicles are to be offered as fully electric or plug-in hybrid variants by then. Apparently, consumers are also making the switch. According to the trend report, 60 percent of Americans and 68 percent of Brits already state that the environmental compatibility of the vehicles used by delivery services is important to them.

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  1. I only believe the research I falsified on my own. Nevertheless, it is true that there is increasing awareness of the environment in society. However, this has not been the case since this year, but is a continuous process. Ford has only understood this year what opportunities you have through the electromobility. But you don’t have to exaggerate now.


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