Ford wants 600 a year from 2023.Produce 000 e-cars

Ford wants 600 a year from 2023.Produce 000 e-cars-ford

Not long ago we had the headline: Ford: “So Much Demand We’re Not Sure How We Can Supply”. Now this can be classified a little. Indeed, demand at Ford seems to be very strong. So strong that the American automaker has increased its planned production capacity for electric vehicles to 600 by 2023.000 electric vehicles per year doubled.

However, based on the information released by Ford so far, it still seems like mass production of electric vehicles is still a few years away. Now, in a series of tweets, Ford CEO Jim Farley announced a further acceleration of the company’s plans. In one of these tweets, Farley also calls resilient numbers where Ford must be measured: “We’re going on how we built ventilators and PSA for Covid. Whatever it takes, we’ll find a way. And it works. We now expect to have 600 globally by the end of 2023.000 electric vehicles will be produced per year. Double our original plan. And that’s before Blue Oval City and other electric car locations go online.”

Blue Oval City is the new facility Ford recently announced as a massive new electric pickup factory with three new battery gigafactories. The new plant is scheduled to start production in 2025. With 600.000 electric vehicles, Ford would be the second-largest electric vehicle manufacturer after Tesla, and Farley explained that the company is aiming to become the largest.

To achieve this, the automaker will need to significantly increase its electric vehicle production capacity, as only the Mustang Mach-E is currently in production. It is also aware of Farley and to understand: “Our goal is to become the second largest manufacturer of electric vehicles within the next few years. If then, if the enormous investments we engage in the production of electric vehicles and batteries, and we quickly expand our range of electric vehicles, it is our goal that Ford becomes the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the world.”

The targeted sales of 600.000 electric vehicles per year would match about 10% of the total production capacity of Ford. The company has already announced that it wants to eliminate 40% of its sales in 2030.

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