Ford wants over 600 within 22 months.Sell 000 electric cars

Ford wants over 600 within 22 months.Sell 000 electric cars-electric

Ford CEO Jim Farley revealed in an interview with Fox Business that his company will “sell around 600.000 electric cars to deliver”. The statement came ahead of a meeting with President Joe Biden, GM CEO Mary Barra and other auto industry officials in the United States .Farley adds that “we” (the US) need to catch up on e-mobility and stresses the need for government help.

“We have to catch up. We will invest in product and capacity expansion and make the vehicles as affordable as possible. We need the government’s help to enable the switch to e-mobility through consumer incentives,” the CEO told Fox Business. The American car manufacturer doesn’t seem to need this help at all. The production plans for Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning were recently increased due to increased demand. Originally Ford had announced about 40.Build 000 Lightning electric pickups per year. Since then, Ford has nearly doubled that number twice and is now targeting 150.000 per year.

Since launch, Ford has been accepting reservations for the F-150 Lightning with a $100 refundable deposit and has announced that 20.000 reservations and within 48 hours 44.000 reservations for the F-150 Lightning had been received. By the beginning of December, the mark of over 200 had been reached.000 reservations to crack. It is understandable that you adapt your own planning.

Earlier, Ford had already announced plans to triple production of the popular Mustang Mach-E, and to over 200 by 2023.000 units per year increase. Coupled with Ford’s forthcoming all-electric e-transit van, this bodes well for future EV production. In the interview, Farley pointed to the successful introduction of electric vehicles in China and Europe and pointed to the ridiculous demand for electric vehicles in other regions of the world. He stressed the need to “catch up”. When Farley said, “We have to catch up,” he wasn’t referring to Ford specifically, but to the US as a whole. He is thus making it clear that the manufacturers need government support in the form of incentives in order to further increase sales or to arouse even more interest.

The Ford CEO continued that he believes Ford is one of the first companies to scale in terms of future electric vehicles: “I think we’re one of the first companies to scale. We have committed to 600 in 22 months.000 units to produce. What sets us apart is that we electrify our most iconic vehicles where we sell best.”

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4 thoughts on “Ford wants over 600 within 22 months.Sell 000 electric cars”

  1. @ Torsten:
    At least things are progressing:
    After all, the eTransit – previously the classic diesel smoker – is already in production in Europe and is expected to arrive “in weeks” 🙂 also after -D-

  2. The giant has awakened. The extremely clever and attractive F-150 Lightning puts loudmouths to shame who seriously believed that they could conquer the pickup market electrically with absurd, child-drawn designs.


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