Fortunately for the thieves, no electricity flowed through the cable

In the US state of California

Fat copper loot: Thieves saw the cables from e-car charging stations

Fortunately for the thieves, no electricity flowed through the cable-electricity
Randy Spencer via TMS Fat copper loot: Thieves saw the cables from e-car charging stations

In California, a brand new Tesla supercharger station was damaged. All charging cables were stolen just a few days after the opening. The perpetrators captured valuable copper.

E-car charging stations are repeatedly damaged. Last spring, for example, the story of a charging station in Munich was pounded with minced meat and attracted a lot of attention. However, a story from the USA proves that it is getting worse and worse.

A new Tesla charging station with eight superchargers was built there last week in the California Oakhurst. The Tesla community was happy about another charging option and exchanged views via the forum of the Tesla Motors Club about whether someone has already loaded there or took pictures of the new charging point there.

After the first pictures were posted on Friday morning, the user Randy Spencer shared a picture of a demolished supercharger. Where the charging cable should actually stand out of the charging station, only a small stub with cut cable ends can be seen. As other people confirm on the platform, all eight superchargers had been damaged.

Randy Spencer then explained how this vandalism could come about in his opinion. No surveillance cameras were installed at the charging station that was built next to a hotel. Since the hotel guests park in another parking space and a high fence surrounds the site, they are quite undisturbed there and have enough time to cut the cables and load the copper prey into their car.

On Tuesday, a user then reported that the charging station was reported to him as in the company; Eight loaders are available. Another user then shared pictures of the system that show a solar -powered alarm system with cameras. Tesla has probably repaired the superchargers and equipped with a temporary security system.

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This article was written by Kilian Marx
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11 thoughts on “Fortunately for the thieves, no electricity flowed through the cable”

  1. This is the new Germany …
    Nothing is sure here anymore. The security organs should ask themselves why that is. Or should the true evil continue to be kept silent ???

  2. There
    we have to have escaped something, California’s new state of the FRG? You actually only read the headings and then post off? Sometimes it is helpful to read the article to understand.

  3. These were activists
    which demonstrate with their action against additional charging stations and the expansion of renewable energies. I quote green politicians here. If you are afraid of the future, civil disobedience is allowed. …Or were it just thieves as suspected?

  4. Risk less than with the train
    Charging stations for electrical droses, a lucrative business for copper thieves. If most drivers are not already, at least these colleagues are happy about the expansion of electromobility. And safety at the workplace is also significantly better than in the theft of cables at Deutsche Bahn.

  5. I am surprised that it doesn’t happen more often
    Since even high -voltage cables of the train were stolen and copper roofs disappeared, I am surprised that the thieves have not yet discovered this source with us. The copper price is high. Think that will soon lead to looting

  6. Dear site,
    But now you have given a wonderful template. It does not take a long time and the copper thieves, mostly from eastern countries, invite their station wisely with charging cables. Even so you can prevent electric car driving.

  7. Honestly
    I have been waiting for such a message for a long time. However, I could have bet that the first message would come from Europe. Is a lucrative business in the thick cables and easier to steal on the train than copper. I’m curious how it goes on…

  8. Really now? The Americans came up first
    this idea? I have been wondering the copper thieves for many months, and those of them are still in Germany, have not yet come to the funnel and prefer to unscrew copper roofs from the clubhouse or collect cable drums on construction sites.

  9. That’s right
    I suspect it has to do with fear, because in such a charging cable you tile different streams than in a cable drum standing around. And most of these thieves probably don’t have a suitable insulating cutting tool. Of course I don’t know if there is any electricity when the cable hangs unused in the station, but I would rather not try it out either.

  10. No panic !
    Something like that happens. It will be interesting to see when the specialists come up with the idea here. Nowadays everything that brings money is stolen….


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