Four out of ten would buy an electric car

Four out of ten would buy an electric car-manufacturers burners threatens Osborn effect

Electromobility becomes majority: as a new representative study of the market research institute INNOFACT carried out on behalf of the car manufacturer KIA shows, almost every second motorist (41.3 percent of respondents) at the next car purchase for an electric or plug-in hybrid Vehicle decide. Another 7.2 percent prefer other hybrid drives without plug. Only half (51.5 percent) would buy a non-electrified gasoline or diesel. For the study, more than 1000 car drivers and riders from all over Germany were asked online at the end of November.

The interest in rechargeable vehicles is thus significantly larger than their current market share. In Germany, 2021 had only every fourth new car an electric or plug-in hybrid drive. At Kia, around one third of the paragraph was already accounted for last year on the a total of seven connector models of the brand. As the study shows, above all, demand for pure electric vehicles is likely to rise greatly: Almost every fourth respondent (23.7 percent) wants his next car to be operated exclusively with electricity. This is particularly important to the younger (18-29-year-old: 27.5 percent; 30- to 39-year-olds: 25.8 percent). And much speaks that the number of e-auto fans will continue to grow. Because 61 percent of respondents have never earned an electric car or driven them – the vast majority of them (79.6 percent) would like to try it.

Four out of ten would buy an electric car-Kona64 manufacturers burners threatens OsbornKia

The proportion of those who see the e-mobility basically skeptical is correspondingly low: only 18.7 percent answer the question “What speaks for electric vehicles?”With” nothing “. And with the younger people, this negative attitude is less likely to be found (18-29-year-olds: 8.7 percent; 30- to 39-year-olds: 13.7 percent). The most common answer to the question of the advantages is that electric cars are sustainable (49.6 percent). Almost as often as the very practical advantage is pointed out that you can “refuel” at home (44.7 percent). Even that stromases are very quiet above all in city traffic, many respondents are estimated (35.9 percent).

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7 thoughts on “Four out of ten would buy an electric car”

  1. Just look at the annual increases – linear looks different – disruption would be an apt description.
    Just go to Toni Seba: “Rethinking Energy” googling, if you are ready to expand his world view – all others: have fun below the plate &# 128521;

  2. You could also write 6 out of 10 would not buy a car! Despite incredible, naughty funding!

    But no problem, the EU simply does not allow burners anymore, even if there are almost climate-neutral burners like the CNG drive with Biocng, and thus forces all E cars to buy what they do not want! When should something like that? 2025/2026? Luckily, this mobility is already so clean that these vehicles are calculated with 0 grams of CO2, although you do not even know what was loaded for electricity! But this is not a problem, because in the future fossil natural gas and nuclear power are simply green. Very nice lobby club EU to turn on everything as you need it! How can it be that nuclear power is green? We do not learn from atomization gaps and what about the nuclear waste? Why am I gone on the road and demonstrating against the nuclear power? How can a fossil fuel of natural gas be green for the conversion? Sure he likes to burn clean, but it remains a fossil fuel! Then gasoline and diesel are somehow green!

    If so environmental protection looks like in the EU and a new E drive attracts such problems can remain the normal burners, this does not differ and is exactly as little environmental protection as the e mobility!

    Really sad how the E mobility is learned green! And a blow in the face for every real environmentalist and nuclear power opponent!

    I know that the comment here does not like many, but what is yours? For real environmental protection or just a new powertrain, which is painted green with atom flow and fossil natural gas?

    It may also be happy to bring the e mobility forward, but also consider what this means in the future only a powertrain in the car area to have!? You all have in your hand and can take any price for electricity and the needs to be paid! Why are many of the Beniner changed to diesel? Something is no longer possible with a single drive, ever thought about it? We need more drives than just one in the future! I hope there is also understanding for my thinking! Please let us all be reasonable and simply fight for several climate-neutral drives.


  3. @ Birger:

    “The EU simply does not allow burners anymore,”

    And that’s a good thing!

    “… even if there are already almost climate-neutral burners like the CNG drive with biocng”

    I then ask:
    Are you already repeated in this repeated “(bio) CNG lying tale” and the electricity-grusel stories actually more interested in financially interested?
    Biocng in combustion is neither climate-neutral yet harmless! Tags of the dangerous gases or. Dust: Nox, CO2, SO2, fine dust
    -> Apart from an isolated CO2 consideration, CNG combustion is created u.a. Very harmful effects by the toxic NOx and sulfur compounds.
    You want to put yourself in the closed garage next to the ongoing Biocng burners and tell us about time as you are?
    No no – Spare you + us with it better and Naturally with your advertising here also the same!

  4. The manufacturers of burners threatens the Osborn effect. If the potential buyers are still waiting and do not buy BEV / PHEV but just no combustion. The statement of Mr. Wissing yesterday will increase this.

  5. The number of potential e-car buyers would be significantly higher if every e-car owner let his friends and relatives drift their cars. Already after the first of four test drives with Zoe, ID3, ID4 GTX and Q4 E-Tron 50 (in this order) I asked me what we actually drive for weird cars. Our city floh has been immediately replaced by the Zoe a year ago, our ‘big’, smaller 2 of BMW Grantourner, Diesel, XDrive, has since been the tire flat and is replaced by the Q4 E-TRON 45 when Audi is finally coming to Potte.

  6. @ Kona64:

    “The manufacturers of burners threatens the Osborn effect.”

    Nenne (not only) I have been “the valley of tears” for months (graphic link unfortunately not at hand).

    Meets V.a. Classic OEMs – because those for years rather “around-eggs” as a clear edge to show!

    The statement of Mr. Wissing yesterday will increase this.

    Why exactly?

  7. Yes the e-cars are getting more and more. I myself have been driving an electric car since 8/2018. However, the topic has not yet arrived at the infrastructure and the charging trip prices of the EVUs are currently overpouring themselves. With to U 79 CT / KWh, nothing will. Not everyone wants and can be a 100.000 Euro expensive E-SUV’s buy, or only 10.000 km P.a. Driving to reach acceptable leasing rates.
    With the policy of the old government, the e-car was pushed towards the business car and second car, so for those who can afford. I hope the traffic light makes it better ?!
    There should be only e-cars under 40.000 Euro gross are promoted, no PHEV’s or E-SUV’s


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