Fox e-Mobility provides highly integrated mini-kit for MIA 2.0

Fox e-Mobility provides highly integrated mini-kit for MIA 2.0-provides

The Munich-based company Fox e-Mobility has the battery manufacturer “Inobat” Bratislava as a partner for the new E-Auto Mia 2.0 won. Bed is their battery in the platform concept of the micro-vans. The concept called “skateboard” is based on a robust, crash-proof and recyclable substructure, which is significantly made of steel. It is designed so that it can integrate all efficiency and intelligence of a competitive e-car.

How to understand Fox e-Mobility Let the substructure of the platform concept be flexibly usable for different wheels and floor distances, but the central seating position of the driver is always the same. Furthermore, it is possible that by the concept behind the “skateboard” is simple production possibility in high quantities, the cost-effective repair strategy and the integration possibilities of standard parts. The platform allows multiple derivatives of the MIA product family such as shorter or longer models for three or four passengers or small vans for urban centers with 1.500 liters room volume. Thus, FOX reaches a high cost efficiency.

“With the new skateboard, we have an innovative modular concept that is outstanding in terms of competition in terms of cost, performance, and technology and market flexibil. It is another significant step on our consistent way to the planned market launch of the MIA in 2023.”- DR. Christian Jung, Executive Board for Research and Development of Fox E-Mobility

The battery of the stromer is equally modular. So it is possible to install a second battery or retrofit proceeds. As a result, on the drive unit on the rear axle, a power of about 40 to over 100 kW can be achieved. A front engine with 30 kW power is additionally installable. The platform is used for technology and prepared for the installation of a fuel cell. With regard to the software, Fox also relies on its own ecosystem, which is capable of “over-the-air” update. Already now has the level 2+ for autonomous driving. Levels 3 and 4 are prepared in the architecture.

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4 thoughts on “Fox e-Mobility provides highly integrated mini-kit for MIA 2.0”

  1. The MIA shown in the article is a model 1.0 of 2011 <Seufffz> -> this shows So not the significantly further state of development of MIA 2.0, The 2023 to come to the market:

    Wolfbrecht GOsebert-provides

    The Fox press kit contains div. Pictures of the current development. The above is the 3-seater.

  2. Well, the concept is conclusive. A small car as bus, so with optimal space utilization and accessibility. Only: Who manufactures this car and it’s a price of 16.000 € has been thrown into the room I can not imagine. In this respect, I do not believe this car.

  3. In 2 years, a lot of water flows down the stream – and so many small electric cars from startups.

    I’m afraid the time or. Chance for particularly small e-car from Europe is soon over, at the latest 2023 this segment of China is likely to be served, for pricing reasons.

    If the MIA 2.0 really comes, then probably as an import from China.


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