Fox Mia 2.0: Elektro-van in detail

Fox Mia 2.0

Micro-van with battery: This starts in the city "skateboard"-Car through

Fox Mia 2.0: Elektro-van in detail-Range price technical data good
Fox E-microbus: Fox Mia 2.0

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Small, angular, electrically: SUV still sucks, so much in the urban area could determine smaller cars in the future. The minivan "Mia" was introduced years ago, but never built – now it should be so far soon.

The skateboard is the central technical element of the second Fox Mia generation. In the skateboard platform of the FOX MIA 2.0 are not only the drive and battery technology, but also central functions for automated driving, vehicle stability and the necessary flexibility for the variable body hat of the new MIA generation, which should roll on the market in 2023-of course purely electrically.

Mia 2.0 only comes in 2023

In contrast to most electric vehicles, the MIA 2 is.0 not available with several battery sizes, but a battery package that can be expanded by second. As a result, the small electrical van has a battery capacity of 40 kWh, which can be expanded to up to more than 100 kWh if necessary and depending on the model.

Fox Mia 2.0: Elektro-van in detail-detail
The series version of the MIA electric car is to come in 2023 Photo: SP-X Mia 2.0 – a platform, many options

In addition to the normal version with an electrical rear axle, the platform also offers the option of installing a second motor with an output of 30 kW / 45 hp on the front axle and making the MIA into a real all -wheel drive. Even a fuel cell drive could be used with the high-tech skateboard of the FOX MIA 2.0 realize.

Range, price, technical data: How good is the New Tesla SUV?

Fox Mia 2.0: Elektro-van in detail-Range price technical data good

Site Range, price, technical data: How good is the New Tesla SUV?

Cityvan flopped in the first attempt

Mia has a history because the first attempt with an electric city van flopped around ten years ago. After the Fox E-Mobility company, based in Munich, has now taken over the scepter, it will now be more modern in two years. With a similar concept and new technology. The Mia 2.0 is a crunchy Microvan with short overhangs, long wheelbase and two sliding doors.

Fox Mia 2.0: Elektro-van in detail-Range price technical data good
Fox the "Skateboard architecture" of the Fox Mia 2.0

As a – to three -seater private and commercial customers, he should not only lure it with his electric drive, but also his efficient use of space. In front there is only one single seat with a tax stand for the driver, behind it there is space for two or three other occupants, while the entry and exit, as with the first attempt by the MIA mobile, takes over two sliding doors over two sliding doors. In addition to the pure car variant, a version for commercial use is set, which should be interesting for delivery services.

Prices from 16.000 euros

Unsurprisingly, the upcoming Mia of the second generation with a starting price of 16.000 euros new information by radio, i.e. online update at any time. At the market launch in the first half of 2023, it has driver assistance functions of the currently common level 2+; The next two levels three and four are technically prepared and can be activated.

Fox Mia 2.0: Elektro-van in detail-Range price technical data good Tesla
Fox Fox Mia 2.0

Crash-sure skateboard structure

The skateboard itself consists of a crash -proof structure made of steel. Depending on the model and customer request, track width, wheelbase and ground clearance are flexible – however, the driver’s central seating position is in common. This should reduce both development and production costs. Other reasons for the desired cost efficiency are the simple production option in variable quantities, an inexpensive repair strategy and the integration options of standard parts. The platform allows different derivatives of the MIA product family such as shorter or longer models for three or four passengers or small vans for urban centers with 1500 liters of space volume.

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Fox Mia 2.0: Elektro-van in detail-Range price technical data good

Site At 180 the stallion is neutered: is the electro-mustang muscle car or muesli car?

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  1. So minivans are available in East Asia
    Maybe the designer should travel to East Asia and there the mini vans and there … Maybe the designer should travel to East Asia and look at the mini vans there. Simply out combustion engine and electric motor. That shouldn’t be a big difficulty. They run there like cut bread there.

  2. Lithium against hydropac
    Hundai continued to think. And BMW rightly written the openness of technology in its flags. If you make it first to press more than 10kg of hydrogen under low and to put normal temperatures into a normal tank, you have won! Because then he has a clean drive that is 100% climate -neutral and largely protects the environment and resources. Just as Kalmond Kess imagines in the sequencer in 2035. And please spare me with the efficiency "Chatter". Already considered that e-cars are currently running 90% worldwide with dirty cabbage stream? Efficiency below 20%!?

  3. Second car
    For many families, a second car is essential for life in the country. Then why not a small car for trips within a maximum of 50 km? The dwarf is generally loaded at home, in connection with its own photovoltaic at costs below 4 euros per 100 km. A real car is available for long distances, double costs, but constantly available. A high seating position and space for 2 adults and 1 or 2 children would be important for the e-dwarf.

  4. What we all be aware of
    should be that e-mobility as it is lived today will not have a long-term chance. The cars are too heavy, too big and with too much equipment. The consequence of this is too large batteries for which you need a not really stampable charging infrastructure. So I see such small vehicles as the future. Since they won’t be traveling as quickly as current vehicles, you do not need such a sophisticated security concept. The batteries should definitely be interchangeable, light and non-flammable so that they can be taken to the apartment for charging and can be loaded there in maybe 5-6 hours on the normal house current there. As a charging station, a three -phase connection can meet outside the apartment. This is how e-mobility could work.

  5. Mr. Prinzensing
    A camping car can no longer be used properly with today’s e-cars. I had written for the charging, expandable batteries like the e-bike at the normal power connection, quick-adversely capable of normal three-phase cans. Parking, no problem because the vehicles are smaller than today’s. I don’t think you need to change the infrastructure.

  6. Just why ??
    Why does this coffin only have 2 instead of 6 – 8 handles ?? It is simply too heavy for 2 coffin carriers – and the color is not correct ! My grandpa my he should come across a little more steamed in terms of color !

  7. How far does the Oko Wahn go?
    This rubber -tipped Kasperbude is the egg of the ? What is presented here is probably the amusement of the readership that drives and loves normal cars.

  8. Class !
    It is always wonderful to be able to laugh again in the evening ! "rubber -tires Kasperbude" Hits the nail on the head !! Thanks !!

  9. While others develop it goes
    us, back to the future. If these ugly LEGO cars that look like the 60th gogomobile, prevail, then you really have to say we are crazy. Other nations rise from the cargo bike onto the car and we vice versa. We want to for the sake of the environment for eternal privacy? That is the goal of a few. I am sure that today’s development is only favored by the media and a minority. But small, ugly and therefore a greater range is what is wanted so that the eutos prevail. The big goal is to massively restrict car traffic. The e car is only a stopover. Hence the required speed limit . Very one -sided and transparent. And only enforceable in a dictatorship.

  10. Laughter
    Again a mini car that the big hit wants to be. A Smart EQ has been selling badly for years. Then why should a vehicle of some startup make it better? I absolutely don’t see. Even large pure electric carmakers like Tesla have no such mini-hikel on offer for the foreseeable future. The reason is clear that there is no money to be earned. It is a mystery to me that there are always which one think that would go. Always with "cars" who are ugly. So it won’t work, when do you finally get it.

  11. understood !
    That is in version 1.0 not started, why should that be at 2.0 be the case ? With all the mini battery cars start-ups that you get here almost weekly, almost the same questions arise: Who actually buys them or are they really ? Why do they always look as if they had fallen from the children’s carousel ? Basically, the following also applies to this box: where you have a garage ? Well, wait until version 3.0 is presented……

  12. Just
    Is also a mystery to me, which is why there are always people who put money and time into the development of such things. It has never worked so far and probably won’t. I wouldn’t do a cent for such a "automobile" spend. The eye eats with and you can only do such small cars through the "Coolness-Will-Factor" Sell like Apple does it. But it never gets anything like that.


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