Foxconn presents three self-developed e-car prototypes

Foxconn presents three self-developed e-car prototypes-presents

Hon Hai Technology Group, better known as Foxconn, today unveiled three autonomously engineered electric vehicles for the first time: the Model C SUV, the Model E sedan and the Model T electric bus. All models bear the lettering “Foxtron”. The company’s goal is to become “a next-generation global automaker”.

The Model C is the first model built on Hon Hai’s MIH open electric platform, positioned as a fundamentally optimized all-electric SUV. According to Foxconn, the four key characteristics of the Model C are “shape, space, performance and energy consumption”. With a length of 4.64 meters and a wheelbase of 2.86 meters, the Model C offers comfortable seating for 5+2 people and ample storage space, making it easy to move around crowded urban areas and still enjoy the luxury of a larger car. The Model C have a low drag coefficient of 0.27 – this is important for efficiency. The model accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds and offers a maximum range of 700 kilometers despite its performance. Thanks to the open platform, consumers will benefit from an all-electric SUV “with high performance, high efficiency, low energy consumption and plenty of space at a reasonable price,” according to the company. All of this is comparable to a fuel-powered car, Foxconn said.

Foxconn presents three self-developed e-car prototypes-presentsHon Hai Technology Group / Foxconn

The second model presented was developed together with the Italian design company Pininfarina: the Model E. A luxury sedan designed to meet the needs of mid- and high-end consumers. At the same time, it is also the first choice for companies – because the back seat can be converted into a mobile office, among other things. Mobile devices can be seamlessly connected to the vehicle, and a number of intelligent applications such as door opening via face recognition, intelligent windows and vehicle and even special “environment interfaces” will soon no longer be whispers of the future. In addition to luxury and comfort, the Model E offers an output of around 750 hp and can therefore accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in a breathtaking 2.8 seconds, better than comparable models on the market. That’s almost as fast as a Formula 1 racing car. The Model E also has a range of 750 kilometers. This value is intended to overcome the electric car newcomers’ fear of range.

Foxconn presents three self-developed e-car prototypes-e-carHon Hai Technology Group / Foxconn

And last but not least, the Model T was presented, a fully electric city bus. According to Foxconn, its body and safety meet Federal Transit Administration (FTA) regulations and standards. In addition, the Model T has a 200.000 km long acceleration test and more than 1.000 hours of endurance testing at the Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC) to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers alike. In terms of energy consumption and endurance, the Model T’s battery can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees over a range of more than 400 kilometers. When fully loaded, the maximum incline that can be driven is up to 25 percent, all at a top speed of up to 120 kilometers per hour.

Chi-Sen Tso, Vice Chairman of Foxtron, concluded the Tech Day morning session by saying that over the past year, “the company has made significant achievements in electric vehicle development, including strategic partnerships, research and development of key technologies, and the expansion of a global… production network”. In the next five years, electric vehicles are expected to become another trillion-dollar business of Hon Hai Technology Group, in line with the company’s strategic vision, building a global network and accumulated knowledge.

Sources: Hon Hai Technology Group / Foxconn

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3 thoughts on “Foxconn presents three self-developed e-car prototypes”

  1. Interesting times, reminiscent of the beginnings of the automobile, when u.a. Bicycle manufacturers suddenly built cars. Of course, like back then, only a fraction of the many new producers will survive; but what remains are the (successful) innovations that the lateral entrants have initiated. 🙂

  2. Innovative thinking can do well in the automotive industry. The long-established ones in particular are still resting far too much on their laurels. If you haven’t gotten anything innovative on the line in the last 20 years, you unfortunately can’t just flip the switch. Such companies are making steam and that is good and necessary. The chance of such companies surviving has never been as good as it is today. Investors think carefully about whether they should invest in dinosaurs or in start-ups. My investments show that I was spot on with Start-Up.

  3. “the Model E sedan”

    They can probably forget that, the name is probably protected worldwide.

    It was foreseeable that innovative, flexible companies could rush past the sluggish dinosaurs…new technologies open up new possibilities and you no longer need endlessly complex mechanical combustion engines and pointless multi-step transmissions that can only be built by large companies with a lot of know-how.


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