Foxconn wants to build e-cars in USA, Thailand and possibly Europe

Foxconn wants to build e-cars in USA, Thailand and possibly Europe-possibly

The well-known Taiwanese electronics company Foxconn has large electromobile plans: a Reuters report, Foxconn wants to be represented by 2027 in ten percent of all worldwide electro cars with components or services sold worldwide. By 2025, the company wants to claim five percent of the market for itself.

To achieve this plans Foxconn in the coming year both in the US, as well as Thailand factories for E-cars to build. There, the series production of the stromer should be started from 2023. For Europe, considerations in the room are also an appropriate production facility to start starting. Corresponding capacity utilization is already ensured by Fisker and its first streamer. Together with Fisker you want to tackle the development of a groundbreaking electric vehicle, which should justify a new segment in the field of automobiles. Be planned 250.000 vehicles per year, from Q4 / 2023. According to Nikkei Asia, the new factory should first 150.Produce 000 E vehicles per year, later 300.000 to 500.000.

In the US, one stands out according to reports already with several states in negotiation for a corresponding factory location. In Thailand, the company, as part of a joint venture with the Thai gas and mineral oil company PTT, wants to manufacture the production of 150 per year.000 to 200.Concentrate 000 electric cars. Foxconn and PTT want to limit themselves to the local market, later export to other countries of Southeast Asia.

As part of the global manufacturing strategy, the company also turns its sensors to Europe. In Europe, FoxConn already cooperates with the Opel-Mother Stellantis in the development of digital services and infotainment systems. As a commissioner for other manufacturers, one could take a foothold here. Should one too, if you want to achieve the but rather raised goals. By 2025, the electric car market is growing to a total of 511 billion euros, the Foxconn chairman expects. His company wants to take five percent of this market together with partners, where Foxconn wants to concentrate on battery, engine and control itself.

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1 thought on “Foxconn wants to build e-cars in USA, Thailand and possibly Europe”

  1. The vehicle construction is very complex. He is completely different from all things than the assembly of small-scale electrical appliances. You need experience that you can only buy partially. Above all, the design determines the opportunities to build good quality with little effort. So if design and production are not in the hands of an OEM, there are good opportunities to get into problems.

    You only look at Tesla: charging speed, recuperation performance, battery capacity, autonomous driving – there is technically at the back. Brake the cars because they hold the moon for a yellow traffic light. For this you are now totally proud of body presses and a clever paint quality does not succeed even after ten years. This shows how complex is good manufacturing quality.

    Foxconn has to show what you have on it. Best in products that you do not buy yourself.


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