Frankfurt prepares the world’s largest hydrogen train fleet

Frankfurt prepares the world's largest hydrogen train fleet-largest

At the end of 2022, the Deutsche Bahn wants to have a total of 27 hydrogen trains in the Taunus on several routes of Frankfurt am Main in the Taunus and thus replace the previous diesel trains, as the Frankfurter new press reports. Thus, in Hesse soon the world‘s largest hydrogen train fleet on the rail. Specifically, the Taunus Lines RB 11, RB 12, RB 15 and RB 16 are to be driven by the end of 2022 emission-free. Advantage of hydrogen trains: they are quiet and without exhaust gases and have per unit 40 seats more than the previous diesel trains. Commuters will be happy.

The H2 trains, which have a range of more than 1000 kilometers, are preferred in the industrial park highest, where the work for building a hydrogen infrastructure has already begun. Once full refinements takes 15 minutes and thus as long as a diesel locomotive. The supply of hydrogen is already secured: he comes from the industrial park highest, where every day about seven tons of it as waste product. However, the hydrogen is not produced completely emission-free, so “gray” instead of “green”. A planned electrolyzer in addition to the gas station is intended to improve the environmental balance of trains as well as security of supply.

The hydrogen trains are serviced in the maintenance unit of DB Regio in Griesheim, where a pre-series train of the new vehicle type Coradia Ilint of Alstom was already on flying visit. OLIVER TEERHAG, production board of the AG for non-tax transport of Deutsche Bahn, referred to this reason that there should be “a center for future technology” there. To prepare the employees on the new technology, trainings take place. Many maintenance steps correspond to those of a diesel locomotive because the Coradia Ilint is based on a diesel variant. New are about working on the fuel cell, the tank and the battery.

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4 thoughts on “Frankfurt prepares the world’s largest hydrogen train fleet”

  1. To use hydrogen in trains, I find in principle a very good idea, but this should be green hydrogen not gray!!!
    A critical question:
    The article is done as if the hydrogen is a “waste product” during an industrial process.
    I can not really follow this logic – what was done with the hydrogen so far?
    He was certainly not just flared, or?
    Hydrogen is a valuable energy storage !
    He was certainly resold differently.

    My concern is easy, which is to be made of salonable by the back door of gray hydrogen, and afterwards no one asks, where it really comes from.
    Stream never comes from the nuclear power plant or the lignite power plant but always just from the socket.

  2. A nice attempt anymore not Germany, there will not be enough “hydrogen waste” to build a nationwide supply. Find it again and again that in the production of hydrogen always only exist. Waste is taken or surplus current and people believe that a complete hydrogen economy can be operated in German

  3. Instead of making investments in electrifying these routes, one wants to prevail again this inefficient technology. The billions provided for the main station Frankfurt am Main, as a subterranean project such as Stuttgart 21, should generally be better used to electrify train routes. That you just do not want to accept, H2 there
    use where it is energetically useful, is absolutely unacceptable. Lobbyism is very strong in Germany.

  4. At the end of 2022, the Deutsche Bahn wants to have a total of 27 hydrogen trains in the Taunus on several routes from Frankfurt am Main in the Taunus ..

    The train – once again on the wooden trim in terms of environmental protection – many billions worldwide invested in everything that has rails as little as possible to do and many exhaust gases blows in the air. And now the power consumption is to be driven to height with hydrogen-trains, although there is no eco flow.

    For decades of rails, bridges and train stations were rendered and punctuality is a foreign word for the train, the main thing about a ribbon-cutting project for polyser.

    At the decades-long politician rail board felt, only another government helps.


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