From 2022 annually 1.000.000 electrified vehicles – forecast by Nissan

From 2022 annually 1.000.000 electrified vehicles - forecast by Nissan-2022

From 2022 you have set at Nissan to the goal annually 1.000.000 electrified vehicles for sale. For this purpose, the company counts 100% emission-free models such as the Nissan Leaf, but also vehicles with E-Power drive. To be set up attractive to the market, Nissan will expand its own offer of electrified models, forward autonomous driving systems and accelerate the development of connectivity services. In your own company plan Nissan M.O.V.E. to 2022 If further measures are provided, which we have listed below for you.

  • The development of eight new electric vehicles, based on the success of the World Secret List Nissan Leaf
  • The start of an electric car offensive in China
  • The introduction of an electrical “Kei Cars” in Japan
  • The introduction of a crossover electric car inspired by the Nissan IMX Concept
  • The electrification of new Infiniti models from the financial year 2021
  • The implementation of autonomous driving technology in 20 models in 20 markets
  • 100% connectivity for all new models of Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun on key markets at the end of the plan

In addition to the increased sales of electrified or partially electrified models, the company wants to increase its own sales by 30% to 2022; at a return on sales of eight percent. This goal is to be supported by the synergies obtained from the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance in the sharing of platforms and drives.

“We want Nissan to be perceived as a pioneer in the fields of automotive, technology and business development. Thus we drive the realization of our strategy of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, which is based on the columns electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity and new mobility services.”- Philippe Klein, Nissan Chief Planning Officer Philippe Klein

Nissan will begin with a product offensive in China. For this year, the introduction of an electric car for the C segment is already provided based on the technique of Nissan Leaf, and an affordable electric car based on an A-segment SUV platform. This model is developed by the Alliance and Dongfeng in the Joint Venture Eegis New Energy Automotive. Two other electro-car variants are provided for the brand Venucia.

Currently, it is believed that electrified vehicles – including electric cars and e-power models – to account for around 40 percent and by 2025 around 50 percent of the company sales in Japan and Europe by 2022. In the US, the company expects a share of 20 to 30 percent to 2025, China is 35 to 40 percent. The Infiniti brand will also be part of the success of the Nissan M business plan.O.V.E. to contribute to 2022. So about 2021 new models should be introduced with purely electric or e-power drive. By mid-next decade, electrified vehicles will make up 50 percent of the global sales of the premium brand.

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