From 2022: No purchase bonus for thick plug-in hybrids

From 2022: No purchase bonus for thick plug-in hybrids-plug-in

In public, the high government promotion is for a long time in the purchase of large double heart cars for a long time. Now the Federal Government has reacted and the criteria for plug-in hybrids was tightened. Audi Q8, Volvo XC90, VW Touareg and other vehicles similar caliber are now no longer subsidized with the buying premium from the coming year, reports “Automotive “. In order to continue to support the Federal Office for Economics and Export Control (BAFA), plug-in hybrids would need to increase their electrical reach by 50 percent in the future. This includes the new car comparison portal Carwow in this context.

Plug-in hybrid enjoy great popularity in Germany – especially as a company car. One reason for this is the lower tax rate. In addition, they are promoted with stately state premiums. However, clear conditions apply. Currently a hybrid vehicle may emit a maximum of 50 grams of CO2 per kilometer or must have a purely electrical minimum distance of 40 kilometers. From 2022, this minimum stretch width will be increased to 60 kilometers, from 2025 to 80 kilometers, it says. The border with the emissions are the same.

The listed vehicles, including, including Ford Explorer, Ford Transit, Jeep Wrangler 4XE and Range Rover Velar, are therefore no longer approved for the reduced tax rate for company vehicles from the next year. Future buyers need to do without up to 6750 Euro BAFA promotion, including manufacturer’s share, if the desired hybrid under 40.000 Euro costs. Plug-in hybrids, which more than 40.000 Euro costs, are currently promoted up to 5625 euros. Deadline, whether the new car is still promoted, is according to Carwow the day of delivery, not the order.

CarWow boss Philipp Sayler says the stricter conditions for BAFA promotion led to the fact that some vehicles can not be supported from next year, but could ensure that the interest in people rises, which do not live in areas where they live in there is a dense network of charging columns.

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  1. Decisive is how a plugin hybrid hazards or. is loaded and not how far I get theoretically with a battery charge (40, 60, 80 or 100km). That’s why my suggestion:
    Switch the sales premium completely and at the 1. Read how much% actually drove in electrical mode. In the case of fully electric operation for my sake full bonus premium and if he was only used as a burner there is nothing. Would be interesting which CO2 eusstoss really comes out on average. I doubt if the 50g / km are achieved in practice and that the EU fleet limits are achieved with plugin hybrids.


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