From 2024: New Opel Insignia with solids battery?

From 2024: New Opel Insignia with solids battery?-2024

It is a car that still comes from a completely different era. Embodies the current insignia but OPELS last American. Only a few weeks after the second series came to the market 2017, the French PSA Group took over the German automakers of General Motors. Meanwhile, PSA is also fused with FCA to Stellantis. The third generation of the new middle-class opel is then launched in 2024 with French technology on the market. This reports among others “ “. The “EMP2” platform will therefore share the future Insignia with Peugeot 508, DS 9 and Citro├źn C5 x.

Visually, the new Insignia probably would probably get the new brand face, is suspected in the report – similar to the models Mokka and Astra. Typical here are the narrow spotlight with L-shaped daytime running lights as well as the “Vizor” called plastic sign with the traditional logo in the radiator grille. Traditionally, the third series is likely to come back as limousine and as a station wagon. However, it is currently whether the brand with the flash also take the optically on the off-road version Country Tourer once again to the program. However, how is photographic.DE for the future production site. The Opel flagship will also be built in third generation at the Hessian headquarters of Russelsheim, it says.

Under the hood of the Insignia III, there will therefore be three- and four-cylinder gasoline tins. The power range should range from 130 to beyond 200 hp. Also the diesel is probably the loyalty. Also planned is a plug-in version. The Opel double heart should be listed.Close with up to 360 hp and four-wheel drive – a weaker version with 225 hp should also be provided. For the fully electric version, the magazine suspects the use of a solids battery, which should bring it to more than 800 kilometers reach. The pure E model is therefore likely to stand on the new “Stla Large” platform, which has recently announced Stellantis. The price should therefore just under 50.000 EURO. At the latest from 2028 then all new Opel should roll all-electric from the BANR.

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5 thoughts on “From 2024: New Opel Insignia with solids battery?”

  1. Yes, the announcements of the solids battery are changed in the last few months of small clites or experimental laboratories towards larger, real automotive processes. Do you have the impression. But here Opel Respective Stellantis did not get announced, but apparently advised how car image. And what’s already 800 km? It is not marks of the solids mixer that makes you a lot of kilometers from a kWh. There are the announced 150 kWh from Nio much more concrete.

  2. jajaj .. Opel .. Solid.
    Was not Toyota to Olympiad with the same announcement.

    Opel = Stellantis = BEV trarity.

    You do not know where to start whining. But as long as the Stellantis fans in the forums resistantly insure each other despite all dramas: SuperTolles car .. Can not go wrong.

  3. It has become known that Mr Tavares of Stellantis has received unusually many cooperation agreements with well-known battery manufacturers in the past few months. In addition to its own production in France and Germany, you would like to add significant know-how, of conventional Li-ion batteries via lithium iron phosphate, and solid battery on a wide basis (Z.B. For me, the use of the new, cost-effective sodium batteries of Catl in Stellantis cars very well conceivable).


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