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The Smart EQ Forfour is history. No orders have been possible since August, the four -seater has also disappeared from the price list since then. As a largely similar alternative, customers can continue to be available Renault Twingo Z.E. Select that you can see in the video.

The end of production of the Smart EQ Forfour in December is one of the harbing of the new cooperation between Smart with the Chinese manufacturer Geely, reports Electrive. Now only – at least temporarily – the Smart EQ Fortwo and its convertible version are left. The electrical execution of the Smart Forfour 2017 was presented, at that time still as a forfour Ed. Incidentally, “Ed” stood for “Electric Drive”, since the Daimler sub-brand EQ did not yet exist at the time. A year later, the renaming in EQ Forfour, in 2019 a facelift was presented at the IAA. The technical data remained the same over the years: an electric motor with 60 kW performance and a 17.6 kWh battery that only allowed shops with alternating current.

City speedsters becomes a small SUV

Already on the IAA 2021, which took place in Munich in early September, Concept #1 celebrated its premiere and the end of the Forfour announced itself. The first model of the Smart Automobile CO joint venture, an association of Daimler and Geely, showed an almost series-ready E-SUV that has nothing together with the predecessor. This finally says goodbye to the original smart concept, namely a space and energy-saving urban vehicle, towards a common SUV. Since it is still officially a study, there are no details on the technical data. It is only about an electric car platform that Geely has developed. In the case of dimensions-if these remain unchanged in the series model-the Concept #1 is comparable to the Mercedes-Benz EQA, writes AutoCar.

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From and over: Well -known city -stromer has just been buried - News-buried
Daimler AG From and over: well-known city-stromer has just been buried

Concept #1 is a basic developed vehicle

Even if some style elements show the vehicle as a smart, the goal was to develop a "cool and adult" brand image, according to Design boss Gorden Wagener. This resulted in the striking shapes such as short overhangs at the front and back, a panorama roof, frameless doors and the lower black body parts. Due to the wide wheelbase of the new platform of 2750 mm, the concept #1 will offer a very spacious interior, and a fifth seat has now arrived. A "floating" center console, waiver of B-pillars and the glass roof should provide even more freedom in the interior. The new model from Geely and Smart should come onto the market in the course of 2022. If this takes too long and looking for an alternative to the Smart EQ Forfour, we can do the Renault Twingo Z.E. recommend. Efahrer tested this compact Stromer in detail and came to a very acceptable conclusion of the little Frenchman.

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