From diesel to hydrogen: Now cheap alternative comes to the fuel cell

Combined without fossil fuel

Diesel converted to hydrogen: Now the cheap alternative comes to the fuel cell

From diesel to hydrogen: Now cheap alternative comes to the fuel cell-comes
Imago Images / Sven Simon Diesel converted to hydrogen: Now comes the alternative to the fuel cell

Truck manufacturers work on a combination of combustion engine and hydrogen drive. As early as 2030, these hydrogen motors should have the same life cycle costs as today’s diesel engines.

What electric car batteries are adding to energy these days is enough for many car drivers-even if it should go further away. With trucks, however, it looks different: they weigh too much and drive too long distances that an electrical operation would expect. Instead, many sizes of the truck construction now want to put on the hydrogen engine, a combination of combustion engine and hydrogen drive.

Truck: hydrogen instead of electrical

At this year’s Vienna Motor Eymposium, Lukas Walter von MAN told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) that the truck maker continues to use the fuel cell, but also on the hydrogen engine. This has the advantage of quick availability: "In 2030, hydrogen burning engines will have the same life cycle costs as today’s diesel engines, ”Walter is certain.

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From diesel to hydrogen: Now cheap alternative comes to the fuel cell-cheap

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The conversion of the truck drive is not as labor-intensive as you might think: You increased the displacement of a six-cylinder engine from 15.2 to 16.8 liters to compensate for the lower power density of the hydrogen drive. All components of the mixture formation were also exchanged and a ignition system was installed – but a total of 80 percent of the drive components could remain unchanged. The hydrogen combustion engine designed in this way is to be installed and tested in a truck of the TGX series this year.

Well -known engine with a new fuel

The technology also deals with the technology: Andreas Kufferath from Bosch reports against FAZ that the company is currently working on 79 projects around the world in which the potential of the combination of hydrogen burning and hub -piston engine is being researched. Even today, the motor raw emissions were already under the currently valid limit values before the exhaust system. These limit values actually apply to the entire vehicle, including exhaust gas cleaning. Marc Sens, who works at the automotive engineering service provider IAV, is certain that with a simplified catalyst system, the nitrogen oxide emissions of such a hydrogen motor can be reduced to nine milligrams per kilometer. "This means that such an engine has almost no influence on local air quality", explains Sens.

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From diesel to hydrogen: Now cheap alternative comes to the fuel cell-alternative

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Hardly any negative consequences for the air quality

The hydrogen engines should soon pay off in commercial vehicles and in freight transport, primarily because the costs for fuel cell drives should drop significantly by the end of the decade. According to Christian Mohrdieck from Cellentric, one is currently working on the automated production of fuel cells. Cellentric is a subsidiary of the truck divisions of Daimler and Volvo, which according to its own statement wants to shorten the cycle time of the production of fuel cells by a factor of 1000.In order to ensure that all of these projects are also advantageous in terms of their CO2 emissions, they would have to take advantage of green hydrogen, i.e. hydrogen that is generated using electrolysis from regenerative energy sources such as wind and solar power. Green hydrogen is still a lot more expensive than gray hydrogen in the manufacture of which CO2 is released. So that hydrogen burning engines have the same or similar life cycle costs as a today’s diesel, the price of green hydrogen would still have to fall by half. This article was written by Tobias Stahl

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From diesel to hydrogen: Now cheap alternative comes to the fuel cell-comes

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15 thoughts on “From diesel to hydrogen: Now cheap alternative comes to the fuel cell”

  1. If that doesn’t revive
    of the Wankel engine is.That would come with the exhaust gas "water" Better to be clear, because the movable … Parts can be better sealed. So dear engineers, the best of all development phases in alternative drive technology, is just beginning to start.

  2. hydrogen
    Good if you can continue to use existing technology. But the basic prerequisite for this is that hydrogen can be produced in sufficient amounts of green. Then that can be something. But it is also clear: if E is not for truck, then you don’t have to talk about it anymore. Every technology has its application.

  3. What an arrogant beginning
    Battery car reach is always used for the normal car user? What an arrogant view. Then the many diesel cars are all exaggerated for car drivers? Please do better research why so many diesel vehicles are driving. It is guaranteed not only the cheap fuel. But this is exactly what it is important to convince to switch to electric. But that won’t work as long as there are not comparable ranges. And that also with trailer load.

  4. you’re right!
    Of course that’s the case. The driving profile of a lot of many people is just a short distance in the city. As this commuter, you don’t need to feel affected by! But the reality looks like this. I just need to look at the yard at work. An e-charge is enough for most of them for a whole month.

  5. Electricity in abundance?
    As long as electricity from regenerative systems is not in abundance, the production of hydrogen is not effective. Well, as a buffer memory for the times when wind turbines and/or solar systems produce more electricity than can be used up, hydrogen production is suitable. Otherwise, too much energy is due to the poor efficiency in both electrolysis and in combustion or. Use of the hydrogen in the fuel cell lost.

  6. Meaning of an H2 combustion engine
    I didn’t understand the meaning of the article. A fuel cell is far more efficient than burning the hydrogen in a combustion engine that also produces nitrogen oxides. The renovation of existing trucks with an incinerators may be sustainable. The construction of new H2 burning engines seems absurd. Is a truck burning engine as much cheaper than a fuel cell, or. several of them?

  7. The H2 combustion engine
    is cheaper and far less susceptible than a fuel cell drive. In addition, fuel cell drives also require batteries that are extremely environmentally harmful. I find the development of the H2 burners as the best of all possible ways. H2 cars can be refueled like any other combustion car, in a few moments.The infrastructure investments are significantly. less!

  8. That is even better …
    Not only you are on the hydrogen burner but all other commercial vehicle manufacturers. Recently with the presentation of the new generation and Scania as a research project. The Ottomotor spark plug approach from Man did not bring it 20 years ago when the first H2 buses drove through Berlin. Current approaches rely on high pressure (300bar) direct inflation in the diesel process with efficiency better than diesel and fuel cell. Then the path goes ..

  9. Forgot battery
    Today’s fuel cells all need a battery for the stabilizer of the electricity, since the fuel cell has a fixed working point. Actually, all fuel cell vehicles are now fully electric vehicles with a fuel cell as a rangex. And the intermediate storage in the battery also creates losses. Not to mention the costs.

  10. Think that will work at some point
    And if so, then Mans will also reduce something and be able to install it in cars. What this will do with the Tesla share and with the VW share….you can imagine.

  11. Then
    But rather the Tesla share affected. Because VW already has good fingers in the truck shop and should also be able to roll out the wider on other products. But not Tesla, they only consider e-car to be correct.

  12. Let’s see
    Whether that works properly. Hydrogen gass is very reactive, hope that not too much happens there. But what I do not overcome. You don’t need to replace the combustion engines. You need synthetic fuels simply need (synthetic catfishes are produced by withdrawing CO2 of the environment. CO2 would then be released again when driving, but since CO2 would be taken out of the atmosphere earlier, that would be a zero game game. Synthetic fuels are therefore climate -neutral and the hermetic combustion engines are sufficient, so no new combustion engines are needed. That is a sensible alternative to hydrogen and electrical drive

  13. The problem is, that…
    For the production of CO2-neutral synthetic fuels, needs five times as much eco-stream as a battery-operated electric car needs to drive. We do not have these amounts of electricity. That is why synthetic fuels can at best be produced in relatively small quantities, so that they are probably just enough for air traffic and classic cars.

  14. hydrogen
    While our mindless politicians like crazy of the battery behind, truck farmers show how to do it. A shipping company has been driving with it for 2-3 years and has no problems. You can’t send the shy there, there is missing too much with him so that he can understand it.

  15. This technology was decades ago
    Developed, at that time the problem was the separation of hydrogen and oxygen from water, which had to be carried out using conventional electricity. The nowadays that are now available with the regenerable electricity sources are also available for energy storage, which can supply wind or sun-low days by means of environmentally friendly energy. Actually the ideal solution!


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