From mercedes sl to renault megane to vw t7: the car year 22

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Outlook 2022

This is what awaits us in the automotive year 2022

2022 will also be entirely dedicated to the electrification of the new car fleet; numerous new e-car models are presented. Nevertheless, 2022 will probably not be a good year for the automotive industry either.

Mercedes AMG SL

For a long time, the car world has longed for the year 2022 with great hope.

In mid-2021, it was still expected that the "chip crisis", i.e. the supply bottleneck with urgently needed semiconductors, would be over by 2022. But the important and coveted chips are still scarce, some manufacturers have stopped production – and many customers are still waiting for their new car. This will probably also have a significant impact on the automotive year 2022, although the situation is likely to recover continuously.
The delivery bottlenecks are offset by a wide selection of new models, because manufacturers currently have to be flexible in order to meet customer wishes and legal requirements. On the one hand, conventional diesel and petrol engines continue to account for around three quarters of all new registrations, on the other hand, the demand for electrified drives is steadily increasing. In addition, the importers always have to take a look at the Co2 emissions of the registered vehicles in order to comply with the required average of 95 grams per kilometer.
This leads to an even wider range of models to suit every situation. This can be seen, for example, at BMW, where the range of innovations for 2022 is extremely varied. From the electric models i4 (February), i7 (July) and iX1 (December), through the high-performance models M4 CSL (May) and M2 (November), to the plug-in hybrid versions of 2 Series Active Tourer (July) and X1 (December), there is something for almost every requirement.

The situation is similar with the direct competitors Audi and Mercedes. With the four rings, the A8 gets its last facelift (February) with combustion and hybrid drive before the luxury sedan becomes purely electric. The e-tron will get a facelift in November, and the A3 family will be expanded in between. There is also a diverse parade of new products at Mercedes. From the electric SUV EQB to the classic roadster SL with V8 engine, to the electric sedan EQE and the new edition of the popular SUV GLC, almost everything is taken care of. Electricity also meets combustion engines at VW. The next generation of the "Bulli" is rolling, the T7 bus comes with combustion engines and, for the first time, as a PHEV. A purely electric large-capacity van based on VW's modular electric system is also coming onto the market; the production version of the “ID. Buzz" should stand out from the combustion engine siblings with its futuristic design.

From Mercedes SL to Renault Megane to VW T7: The car year 22-mercedes

Volkswagen T7.

News from Japan and England

From Mercedes SL to Renault Megane to VW T7: The car year 22-mercedes

Toyota bz4X

But this lived diversity is not a purely German phenomenon. The second-largest carmaker, Toyota, is also pursuing a multi-pronged drive strategy. While the bz4X is expected to roll out in June as the first of an electric car model line from Toyota, models such as the Aygo Cross or the revised C-HR will continue to come with a combustion engine or Toyota-typical hybrid. The sports coupe GR86, which will only be available with a petrol engine and rear-wheel drive, will step out of line in the summer.
A very big classic from England will also be relaunched in 2022: the Range Rover. It will initially come onto the market with combustion engines (including those from BMW), but the range will soon be expanded to include a plug-in hybrid and a version with a purely electric drive.

From Mercedes SL to Renault Megane to VW T7: The car year 22-renault

New Range Rover.

Electricity from Italy and France

From Mercedes SL to Renault Megane to VW T7: The car year 22-renault

Renault Megane E-Tech Electric

Fiat is also bringing more and more electricity into its cars; In 2022 it will be the turn of light commercial vehicles and their car offshoots: the Scudo, Ulysse and Doblo large-capacity vehicles will all have an electric drive. In the summer, Ferrari will also bring another plug-in hybrid with the 296 GTB. Electrification is therefore coming to more and more vehicle segments. Also in the smallest league: in 2022 the city runabout Ami from Citroën should also come to Switzerland.
Renault has been able to offer a wide range of electric cars for some time. In spring 2022, this will be expanded to include the Megane E-Tech Electric. And even the Master van gets 2022 batteries in the underbody.

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