From Renault 5 prototype becomes 2024 a production vehicle

From Renault 5 prototype becomes 2024 a production vehicle-becomes

The iconic Renault 5 celebrates its 50th anniversary soon. The funeral 50-year-old has already introduced his descendants in the spring of 2021: the Renault 5 prototype. But contrary to his name, it does not stay with a prototype vehicle. On the contrary, the concept stromer is transferred in a series model 2024. With the Stromer, the French want to remember their past, remain true to their own origins and inspire themselves out of the inside.

Nothing less than this is the task that the Renault 5 prototype. With the new edition of the legendary Renault 5, the French want as it seems to replace the meanwhile somewhat in the years Zoe. In addition, there is a particularly sporty alpine variant for discussion. Back to the concept that is transferred to the series. The study with the reinterpreted iconic R5 design shows how Renault will democratize the electric car in Europe with a contemporary approach as indispensable and desirable democratization.

The Renault 5 Prototype is a compact city car full of charm, which catapults one of Renault’s timeless favorites in the future, with a modern, purely electrical touch.The yellow body color is a real eye-catcher and corresponds to its playful character. If the Renault 5 Prototype is easy to recognize, the precise features of the original design, but wears it with smoothed surfaces and futuristic details in our time. Surfaces and materials are inspired by the world of electronics, furniture design and sports.

Gilles Vidal and his design team were inspired by a model of Renault’s past, which is known and popular throughout the world: the Renault 5. The general appearance of the Renault 5 prototype leans against the original design. However, the modern approach is shown in the forms of the vehicle, but also in the selected equipment and materials.

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  1. How can one only be his best, sales, re-recognized Electroauto Zoe by this, in my opinion, to replace design catastrophe? Why do not make any model maintenance and current adjustments, such as CCS with Z.B. 150 kW, simple heating options during loading, shark antenna, a setting for car washes where you have to leave the car, etc. I’ve been driving the second Zoe since Oct 16 and would like it’s a pity about such a pretty car! Anyway, this R5 does not come to the house, and Renault would be gone!


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