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After the VW models ID.3 and ID.4, Skoda can now also use the e-car platform from the VW Group. The Enyaq in the first test.

The Enyaq fallt through the steep, large Kugrille on.

Even when switching to electromobilityat the VW Group relies on the bewahard modular principle. As with the models with conventional drives, the group has developed a common technology platform on which models fur different requirementsuand brands can be realised.

the «modular electrical kit», like the platform fur e-mobile in the VW group is called, debuted with the VW ID.3. Also shortly thereafter praThe designed SUV ID.4 is based on this technology with batteries installed flat in the underbody and a choice of rear or all-wheel drive. The technology on which the first Stromer designed as such by the Czech VW subsidiary brand is based is therefore largely known. And yet it creates Skoda, an ownato create a unique vehicle. With sharply drawn, clear lines, the Enyaq fits seamlessly into the Skoda model family. The SUV looks elegant and unobtrusive – and primarily wants to identify itself as a Skoda. Intrusively displayed features, that this is a car with an electric drive, considers Skoda glucklich than unnoright. A clear sign: The electric drive should be something completely normal.

The most important requirement forur can be found in the underbody: Depending on the version, the battery offers 58 or 77 kWh of usable energy. That’s enough fur range of up to 532 kilometers according to WLTP; on the first round of testing uabout huThe average consumption was around 18 kWh/100 km on dingy country roads and a few kilometers of motorway. With one battery charge in real road use, this is definitely a good 400 kilometers molike what you are uYou hardly have to worry about a lack of range. At a quick charging station with at least 125 kW, the battery is 80 percent charged again after 38 minutes, so that you can also cover long distances under the Rawho can take Because: DafuThe electric SUV is definitely good for that. self fur electric car scaleabe it is remarkably quiet in the interior. Not only wind and AbrollgeraBushes are quiet, but also the drive itself. Because an electric motor is fundamentalaA lot quieter than a combustion engine, but not necessarily badorbar. Both when accelerating and deceleratingoA clear whirring can be heard in some models; in the Enyaq, however, this is only possible with a very precise Hinhoaudible.

From the kit-

The Skoda lettering is prominently displayed at the rear.

The chassis in the Stromer is also clearly designed for comfort, which is evident in a uOver 2 ton SUV is also absolutely correct. If you like it a little more dynamic, you should get a little lato be less patient; the Enyaq starts in autumnachst with rear wheel drive and the battery packs mentioned. SpaTer supplies Skoda two all-wheel drive variants. you availugene uAbout the large battery pack and an additionalaadditional electric motor on the front axle. The sporty RS should have almost 300 hp. However, the range is reduced to 460 kilometers according to the WLTP measurement.

Price-performance – also with battery – in the foreground

Even if Skoda wants to enter a new era with the Enyaq, one thing remains the same: the brand should focus on price/performance. The newcomer emphasizes this with its very airy space on all Platzen, the grosszugigantic trunk and especially with its vernuReasonable purchase price: the basic model starts at 42,590 francs. the bigoThis battery costs 5000 francs extra. An investment that naturlich primarily fur long-distance driver is worthwhile. But also fur E-car newcomers duThat should be money well invested. Because more reserve in the battery means significantly less stress, especially when dealing with charging stations and remaining range is still new territory.

Of course you are in this regardudidn’t feel like completely on your own. The navigation system, displayed on a large, centrally located touchscreen, helps with route planning and finding free charging stations. The system works quite intuitively and reacts promptly to inputs. additionalaIn addition to the large touchscreen, there are fur the driver a small digital speedometer unit with the nomost important information and, if required, a head-up display that, for example, shows the navigation arrows in «augmented reality»-presentation offers.

From the kit-

Attractive interior with a large touchscreen.

Overall, the Enyaq is not only visually appealing, but also solidly made and well thought out – just as you would expect from a Skoda. Added to this are the good driving characteristics and the grosszugigantic range.

This makes it a currently almost unrivaled offer among e-cars, as long as you consider the variabilityat of a gerabulky SUVotakes. A comparably motorized VW ID.4 is around 4500 francs more expensive, the Model Y from Tesla is not yet availableaold, but will probably also be more expensive than the Skoda.

Skoda Enyaq iV80

Engine: E-machine permanently

Power: 204 hp/310 Nm

Drive: Automatic 1-speed, rear-wheel drive.

L×B×H: 4649×1879×1616mm

trunk volume: 585L

Weight: 2090kg

0–100km/h: 8.5 sec.

Vmax: 160km/h

Range WLTP: 532 km

Price: from 47590 francs

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